110cc Pit bikes

The pitbike puzzle - Superb models.

The 110cc pit bikes have lots of fans around the globe.

Seeking 110cc PitBikes

Stomp JuiceBox3 110cc pit bike

When you're looking for hot 110cc pitbikes, you'll find two names at the forefront of the search, the Stomp JuiceBox3 110cc and the Akuma Assassin MK3 110cc. Both are great bikes and both have positive reasons to buy them and some reasons you might want to look elsewhere.

Stomp Juicebox3 110cc pit bikes are British made and offer a lot of power for the size. Part of that power comes from the 3-speed gearbox that offers extra torque and better riding performance.

However, the appearance of the Stomp is part of the reason riders love it. It offers off road tires and a big suspension to make it look like its bigger brother bikes. You'll find the price a bit more than similar models without as much going for them in the looks department.

Akuma has been around for a while, which is important when it comes to buying parts and servicing. The Akuma Assassin MK3 110cc is bargain priced when you consider all the power and acceleration it delivers.

You'll be surprised that something this small has all that power packed behind it. You might check out the rear suspension before buying, however. There are better (some find the Akuma Assassin suspension a little soft ) and if you spend much time jumping, it becomes an important feature.

Your bike checklist.

Their reliability and good manufacture regards them to their riders. As with most other pit bikes they have a selection of mini MX bikes for all manner of experience and rider.

If your buying one new, check for guarantees and ensure spares are plentiful, as you want your bike on the road as quickly as possible. With most manufacturers they should give you a web link or a brochure of spares available and more importantly cost.

If you buy used ask the seller lots of questions and test drive the bike.

110cc pit bikes

Ok, so what to look for well there is the 110cc Akuma Assassin, which has a rugged appeal and is built with excellent quality materials. This bike should meet all the latest ISO Standards and are CE Approved. If not... ask the seller why? There are many models too from the main manufacturers, so don’t discount those either.

The power in the 110cc pit bikes, does need reigning in so don’t buy this bike for a small child, or for that matter; a mini-moto either. They might look like toys, but the acceleration is incredible and will only cause injury for any young child.

A 110cc bike, does have a little more grunt than the beginner’s 49cc bikes. So they can be used for small jumps and ramp work.

If you’re buying used 110cc pit bikes you should check out these items:-

Exhausts , Clutches , Pull starts , Brake Pads

Front and rear brake calipers , Front and rear discs, Brake levers (are they worn do they work!)

Wheel bearings (feel for play in the wheel by moving it firmly).

Tyres and Wheels for rips, cracks and wear.

The engine ( for blue smoke, or rattles or other noise), this can be expensive so take your time. Ideally ride the bike, or take your son/ daughter to ride it. (Will it be too much power for them? is it too big a ride? too small?) You can only tell by the good ol' test ride.

A 110cc mini dirt bike ?

110cc bike dirt

The 110cc mini dirt bike is an ideal small bike offering the great power of a miniature 110 dirt bike to any motocross rider.

When used for jumps and races the 110cc bike dirt tracks can be excellent for pushing this bike to its limits. A dirt bike video clip could even be put on youtube if your spectacular jumps and races become briliant enough for viewing fans.

When checking over any 110cc Pit bikes or even the 110cc mini dirt bike, be firm but don’t abuse the bike, the seller will only get angry. But you want to satisfy yourself that the bikes correct and in working order.

The 110 dirt bike

If the seller is honest, they may point out faults and drop a few dollars off the price. If a bargain can be struck - do so. Don’t let a good bike get away for the sake of a few niggles that a store can fix up for you.

However serious faults should always be avoided. Save your cash for another day - thats how you buy 110cc pit bikes.

110 dirt bike

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