Dirt and Mini Bikes

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Dirt and Mini bikes are just two of many of all kinds of different motorcycles out there waiting to be purchased.

Small Fry: Mini Pit Bikes

So what are mini bikes, and how much are they? By the end of this article you will have the answer to all your questions.

Mini bikes are miniature motorcycles. Sometimes these bikes can be made to replicate street bikes, sometimes they are made to replicate dirt bikes. Dirt & mini bikes are usually made for small children, they're smaller so they're less likely to injure the child while letting him get the feel of riding a motorcycle. The Dirtdobber is a series of mini bike that offers three variations. The Dirtdobber I has a 49cc, 4-stroke engine.

Dirt and Mini Bikes

Other than that, it's pretty much bare bone, save for the battery operated light. The Dirtdobber II offers a speedometer and electric transmission. The Dirtdobber III takes the engine up to 110cc, and offers advanced accessories. Whatever you're looking for, there's a dirt or a mini bike waiting for you.

Bag a Bargain!

So, where is it you go to find these dirt and mini bikes for sale at affordable prices? The Internet, of course! The Internet offers a variety of options, all at a point and click away. There are a number of informational sites as well as dealers that can help you with your purchase.

No matter if you're looking for a miniature dirt bike or road bike, knowing where to look is a valuable key to finding exactly what you want. Dirt & mini bikes add fun to any boring weekend!

A Cheaper Dirtbike accident ?

When riding don’t end up in any dirtbike wrecks, its so easy to do when racing for the first time on Dirt and Mini Bikes. Many dirtbike accident incidents happen when your not concentrating. If your looking at your dirtbikes wanted adverts, be sure your bike purchase hasn’t BEEN IN an accident. If you buy a honda dirtbike for kids to ride on or indeed any other mini bike, be careful when racing or riding on your mini moto.

Just because they are smaller bikes doesn’t mean, it won’t be costly to replace and repair parts.

honda dirtbike for kids

Dirt and mini bikes have certainly captured a lot of rider’s imaginations. Being small many are obviously cheaper, which appeals to kids and young adults. The bigger bikes such as the honda dirt bikes and the suzuki dirt bikes are often more expensive and come in stock specification, where as the mini motos seem more fun and have a lot of extras thrown in.

The larger models like the dirt bike Kawasaki rides and the dirt bike Yamaha pitbike give excellent grip and choice, but cost can inhibit some.

Where are the good Dirt and Mini Bikes and motocross deals? We went over a few sites, one that cropped up on google a lot was ghostbikes.com. They have a large range of dirt bikes and midi motos. When we looked at the store they sell their own models. The first model was called a “GMX 150 Ghost Mx Pit Dirt Bike” for sale at £649.99 (Inc. VAT). The ride had a 150cc Lifan 4 Stroke engine, kick start and 14 BHP power. With a Fast Ace BS-35AR Adjustable Rear Shock , USD Front Forks and 12" SDG Wheels attached - so you should be fine on a dirt bike ramp. Some of these pit bikes do require assembly, but a tool kit is supplied. We were impressed with this website as it carries a whole range of gear such as helmets, clothing, accessories, and parts items, even a dirt bike clutch! If your MX bike cr dirt Honda part isn’t listed - for instance; you can contact them for assistance too.

Dirtbikes wanted

If you like used Dirt and Mini Bikes then mxchange.co.uk is a brilliant place for motocross bikes for sale. Listings are available for new and used dirt bikes, even quads. You also can get advice on selling your moto bike, with a very good chance of selling it. Traders too can get involved, and the layout is simple and straight forward. On the left is a comprehensive nav bar where you can drill down specifics such as buying a 85 dirt bike or a 250cc dirt bike.

dirtbikes wanted

Next on our search for Dirt and Mini Bikes was dirtrider.com, which shows bike tests, pro rider secrets, videos and even a community to join.

The Community section showcases dirt bike blogs and interactive dirt bike discussions in their pitbike forums. Find information about off road riding locations, racing, news, events, parts and accessories, and more.

dirt and mini bikes for kids

They also have tests on dirt bikers gear, and apparel. Ideal for weighing up costs against durability, a great little site which offers help for riders of all ages.

Then we looked at daudbikes.com. The website offers a number of 125cc Dirt / Pit Bike models , that could be described as Dirt and Mini Bikes; at an average price of £395. The pit bikes come with a 125cc, four stroke, air cooled petrol engine, aluminium exhaust and rims with front / rear hydraulic disc brakes.

Although it has a kick start the four speed gearbox with manual clutch should see you get instant power on the track. Other items daudbikes.com offer are, Repsol Mini Moto’s, Shell Mini Moto’s, Mini Dirt Bikes, and the larger Pit and Dirt Bike rides plus Quad Bikes and Spare Parts. The bikes were well priced and carried a lot of kit.

Whatever online store you visit pour over the dirt bike pictures first, if it’s a new wholesale dirt bike or used honda dirt bikes for sale - pictures and descriptions can hide knocks and damage. Most honest sellers, such as those selling razor electric dirt bikes on ebay (for example), should carry a full spec and pics from nearly every angle. Any type of ride from Suzuki dirt bikes to ex-dirt bike rentals can carry damage so it’s important not to rush into a purchase. Also be sure that the dirt bike insurance for your chosen model won’t hurt your pocket, before you buy! A dirt bike hit twice in the pocket - is a pitbike you can leave where it is.

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