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Mud Jumping Bikes: From Superman to Suicide!

What do Superman and suicide have in common?

No, it’s not a new super hero comic book plot. They are all tricks done on dirt jumping bikes.

dirt ramp jumping stunting dirtbikes

While dirt bikes have been around for many years, it’s only recently that this extreme sport has hit its stride. Many companies including Yamaha, Kawasaki and Honda are turning out their own versions of this rugged two-wheeler.

Stunt Dirt bikes differ from regular motocross bikes in that they are tricked out with super strong frames, super strong wheels, extra levers and shaved-down seats, to make ticks a lot easier. The thinner seats also provide better handholds during some of the more difficult “flying” tricks. Plus there is always new additions as new tricks are developed in the FMX world.

Dirt bikes for jumping must be tough because they undergo a ton of abuse. Earth is mounded, to form “dirt jumps.” These jumps can be very high. Each jump is designed to make a rider fly through the air while, hopefully, still attached to his bike.

Preparing a dirt bike for jumps.

Do it Right with Dirt Jumping Bikes.

It would be so much easier if dirt jumping bikes were the same. Instead, it is one of those cautionary items, just like wearing the right safety gear and riding a bike suitable for your weight, skill, size and its use.

Some big bikes with well-balanced weight and suspension allow those incredible tabletops. Most 50s and 70s are not going to handle that attempt. Thousands of videos online show crashes by the professionals after a failed jump, even by such pros as Carmichael, Stewart and McGrath. As a beginner, start small and work your way up. Take care of your bike before and after jumps. Your life depends on it.

Five Important Steps Before Your Day Officially Begins

Even beginners want a share of the excitement in dirt jumping bikes. Short jumps are the best to start with. Although there are many activities to go through first, such as putting on safety gear, there are five important checks to make on your bike. In the beginning, others will show you the proper things to do.

Check MX bolts dirtbike spokes motocross suspension and sprockets

Pay close attention and soon you will be helping others learn.

  • Check bolts, spokes, suspension and sprockets. They perform better and last longer if adjusted correctly before riding and jumping.
  • Check tire pressure and tread. Make certain there are no cracks in the tire.
  • Be sure the controls are comfortable to reach, whether you are standing or sitting. Everything should be snug, with no sharp edges.
  • Check the plastic. Replace any broken pieces or trim them and grind them down so they are smooth. Anything jagged can harm other riders as well as yourself.
  • Test your brakes and listen to the engine. If either one seems off, get it fixed before going out to ride.
  • There are definitely some exciting stunts out there and as experience and dirt jumping bikes grow, so does the inclination to try famous jumps and create a twist.

    dirt bike jumping and stunting

    The Can Can involves taking one foot off the footpeg and bringing it across the seat so both legs are on the same side.

    The Cliffhanger is something to work up to, because while the bike is in the air, the rider stands, placing toes under the handlebars. Hands are held up and apart, looking much like the brave folks in the front of a rollercoaster. The Kiss of Death is also a challenge. The bike is moved to a vertical position while it is in the air - the rider kicks his or her legs up above the head - and then hopefully returns to a position to land the bike.

    Three Important Steps Before Your Day Officially Ends

    Obstacles and track or trail conditions have a lot of influence on dirt jumping bikes and their performance, so it is just as important to do some preventive maintenance when you are done with practice.

  • Clean your bike, checking stable and moving parts, such as bolts, spokes, suspension and sprockets for cracks or loosening.
  • Bleed air pressure from the forks.
  • Clean the air filter and change it, if necessary.
  • As your dirt jumping bikes experience grows, confidence grows as well, a major part of a successful jump. The most important thing to do is not try a jump unless you feel certain about accomplishing it. Listen to the pros as they continuously emphasize practice, practice, practice and follow their example.

    Methods used by dirt bikers.

    Unlike their predecessors, the mountain bike racers, speed is not the goal of riders of dirt jump bikes. A dirt jumper is after, “air.” And “style.” In competition, a dirt jumper is judged on how well he can twist and turn his bike in the air, after hitting a jump.

    dirt jumping bikes

    Riders of dirt jumping bikes are almost guaranteed to crash making wearing the correct gear a no-brainer.

    Safety gear consists of a quality helmet, goggles, gloves, riding boots, knee and elbow pads, and…a kidney belt. It’s the latter that the “I’m-tough-and-I-can-take-anything” guys ignore. But riders are warned; they’ll feel the pain…sooner or later.

    So, like Superman, suit up and fly through that “suicide” run. Safely.

    Stunts and damage

    honda dirtbikes

    If your only doing small jumps in your backyard - you may want all-purpose 50cc dirtbikes which are light; or even have a specific brand in mind, like the well known honda dirtbikes.

    Any stunt will eventually damage your dirt jumping bikes so be sure of a constant supply of dirtbike parts, from your store or local internet supplier (Honda’s have tons).

    Now even the mini dirtbikes are getting in on the game, with jumps and spills filmed on youtube. So if you’ve done all your checks go to it – and get those jumps down.

    What Hints & Tips can help us ?

    Perhaps a nifty trick on cleaning? or a wild repair to get you out of a sticky situation? Share it!

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