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If you are looking for the best dirt bikes for sale, our site can help. We have accurate and up to date advice on finding the best dirt bikes and motocross bikes around.

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Welcome to our dirt bike site! We strive to give you the best and most up to date information on dirt bikes for sale, where to look for the best dirt bikes and what to look for when buying.

A dirt bike or motocross bike can be used for a variety of purposes, from an agile off-road bike to a bike for professional or amateur motocross competition. Of course, if you want a dirt bike you need to know where to look for the best deals. This page will tell you all you need to know about finding the best bikes for sale and snapping up the right dirtbike parts too.

Look in Your Local Paper

One of the easiest ways to find a dirtbike is to look in your local paper's classifieds section. This gives you a list of MX bikes and bike dealers that are local to you, both new and used and mini dirt bikes too.

the big four brands of dirt bike and motocross bike honda suzuki yamaha kawasaki

This will give you the opportunity to check out the dirt bikes first hand, ask questions and find something that you really want. Of course, the problem with local papers is that you may have to wait a while until a dirt bike you want comes along. However, if you have the patience and are willing to wait then looking in your local paper is a good way to find a dirtbike deal.

Look Online

Another way you can find great dirt bikes is to look online. Although it can be harder to find motocross bikes in your local area online, you have the advantage of being able to see photos and detailed descriptions as well as easily searching and comparing bikes.

There are a huge variety of sites online to help you find what you want, in regards to dirt bikes for sale. With the largest and most popular being the auction site E-bay. Not only can you search for adverts on E-bay, but you can bid for the bike you want directly. This is a great place to find a deal on a MX bike that someone else is selling and even dirt bike parts too. However, you might not be able to see the MotoX bike before buying, and if the bike is far away the costs of transport could be expensive.

Whether you look online or in your local paper, make sure you are careful and patient when looking at dirt bikes for sale, so that you find the best dirt bikes for sale and even mini dirt bikes at the best prices.

What to check for guide when buying a used Dirt Bike

Dirt Bikes for Sale: A quick “What to check for” - when buying a used Dirt Bike.

Here is a list of pointers to check before you commit to buying any dirt bikes for sale that you are hankering after:---

1. Firstly ride the motocross bike, and try and start it from cold. If the engine has already been warmed up by the seller, be suspicious. This should allow you to get a quick feel of the brakes and how noisy the engine is.

2. While the bikes engine is running you need to keep it running for a little while longer, get close to the engine while it’s ticking over. Is the timing chain running ok? And also rev-it up for clinking, rattling and any other noises it might be making.

3. Leaks are messy not just on the floor of the garage, but for your pocket. If there are any (normally after the motors been running) – you need to see where they are coming from. If they are minor, you can bargain the price down, if not it’s time to walk away. It could mean there are not just seals broken; it could mean substantial dings in the important parts.

 a checklist for buying dirtbikes for sale

4. If the seller allows you - put the dirt bike model upside down, so you can look over the dirtbike frame, and underneath. You can see immediately any corrosion, filler, welding or untreated damage on the bike.

5. When you test ride the bike, try and move up at least a few gears, is the clutch ok? And purposely hit a few potholes – if it’s jarring you, the forks may need attention. You can also check the front forks later by gripping them and pulling and pushing them away from you. Is there any movement? That could mean buying bearings?

6. Although it’s good to see lots of paperwork, for receipts and servicing, if it’s a fairly new dirt bike, and has reams of papers for spares ask why? Has it been brutally used over its short life?

7. MX Swing arms should move a little – but if there is say more than 4-6mm of movement, bearings maybe worn.

ktm dirt bike and the Husqvarna motocross motorbike

8. Inspect the tires, spokes and rims. This will often tell you how well looked after the bike has been. It’s easy to wash away the dirt, but missing spokes, threadbare tires and dinted rims will tell a tale of a well-used Dirt Bikes For Sale ride.

9. A well serviced Dirt Bike ride, that has the immortal words “no expense spared” on maintenance, should be a watchword for any buyer. If genuine you’ll have a star buy – and you can always tell if a bikes been “tarted up” or is the real deal. Keep your poker face on and bargain for a fair price with the seller. And of course, if you think you’re almost definitely going to be bringing the dirt bike back with you, ensure you take a trailer with you to collect your new purchase.

Don’t be afraid of being honest with the seller, but you don’t have to be blunt or rude with them. Also by the same token avoid being a timewaster, and if an MX bikes really not for you - say so – as soon as you can. Also look through the many receipts, invoices and service paperwork the bike has had in the past, that’s a great sign a dirt bikes been well looked after. Thats how you buy Dirt Bikes For Sale.

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