Off Road Dirt Bikes

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Off road dirt bikes are thrilling for both the beginner and the avid racer. There’s nothing quite as liberating as getting out with some friends and riding. Find out where to start for the beginner.

Handling Dirt Bikes for the Beginner

Off Road Dirt Bikes

Beginners often have many questions about off road dirt bikes. What's the best model to purchase? How do I learn all the ins and outs? Where do I go to find other enthusiasts? All of these questions are valid and the answers will often differ. Here's some solid advice for the new rider.

Choosing Off Road Dirt Bikes

Choosing a bike can be tricky because every rider has their own preference in handling and what works for one might not be best for all. If you're new to riding, or have limited experience, the best bike is going to be a used one. There are many advantages to starting out with a used bike. First, they are less expensive. There’s nothing worse than going out and spending the limit on brand new equipment only to find that you really aren't partial to the sport. Just like any other purchase, off road dirt bikes lose value on resale so you can't expect to recoup the whole price if you want to sell it later.

Another advantage to a used bike is that it will need maintenance. This sounds contradictory at first, but the benefit to learning on a bike that will need work is that you'll learn from the bottom up how to maintain your own MX bike. This will prepare you for how to take good care of a bike when you bump up to buy the brand new model you’re craving.

Learning to Ride

used off road dirt bikes for sale

So many people are extremely interested in off road dirt bikes but don't know where to begin and so they never start. This isn't a difficult sport to get into and many people ride with their entire family.

No skill level is too little. The best way to start is to research the terrain in your area; check out the local associations or clubs, find others, who ride or are interested, find a good class in your area.

A great way to start is by asking at your local dealer. They often know where the nearest classes are and where the different trails and venues are located. Classes are great because not only do you get a good grasp of riding but you find other riders of your skill level to start out with. You can also pick a buddy or find a friend who's interested in learning, too. That way you have someone to share the adventure with, and that's half the fun of the motocross ride.

What are some of the biggest manufacturers of off road dirt bikes?

  • Honda
  • Kawasaki
  • Yamaha
  • Suzuki
  • KTM
  • Husqvarna
  • Husaberg
  • Although all these MX manufacturers offer really great bikes, it’s getting the right "type" of model for your skills, that really counts.

    Racing dirt bikes and MX motorbikes

    A lot of Off Road Dirt Bikes

    Are you into tuff and powerful personality bikes? If you want strong motorcycles or even mini pitbikes you don’t have to pay through the nose. A used bike with the latest grips and chunky terrain tyres can give you excellent value. The previous owner will have spent money on some flash accessories and you NOW reap the benefit.

    Where are the preloved powerful bikes? We’ll show you.

    my dirt bike

    Ebay was an obvious destination for Off Road Dirt Bikes – where we quickly found a KTM 125cc motocrosser for sale. The seller wanted £1,495. Being in excellent condition, it came with a vast array of spares that any MotoX-junkie would want.

    Like - new brake pads, grips, new fork seals, and some dirt bike graphics which were only 3 months old. Plus brembo brakes, an hydraulic clutch and excel rims. A great motocross buy!

    Do you want more Off Road Dirt Bikes? Well a Marsh motorcycle was going for a paltry £500. The dealer was selling these rides at trade prices; plus he had a wealth of other deals on offer too – for those fans who may enjoy motocross on a bigger budget.

    Two examples of those were a Yamaha YZF250, with a new graphic kit, at £1400 or maybe you’d like a Suzuki DRZ 125cc 4-Stroke selling for £900? was our next platform to seek out real deals. This place offers up two strokes & four strokes; pit bikes and enduros in equal amounts. A Yamaha YZ 250; was up for sale at £1250. The pics were clear & sharp, and it had two nearly-new tires. The bike has also had a new chain and sprockets, the engine was tuned recently and the Gear box oil was changed after every two times out.

    Suzuki RM 85 dirt bike for sale

    Then we looked at kids pitbikes (ok smaller Off Road Dirt Bikes) – such as a Suzuki RM 85 for only £750. Comes complete with a DEP racing pipe, and pro taper handlebars. These bikes can reach quite a speed on the circuit so your hard cash wouldn’t be wasted here.

    Remember this Suzuki is a smaller motocross bike and not a pitbike as such. There are some mini MotoX bikes that come up on mxchange which are really inexpensive (like the chinese ones), but do be aware of spares for any unusual bike you buy. Ok with a firm like Suzuki & Honda your unlikely to encounter a problem – but be wary of small-production unique mini dirt bikes & pitbikes.

    If you do ride your machine hard or even have a crash – you’ll need some bits to keep your engine tip-top. Don’t overlook either- True they are known for selling Jerseys, pants, bags and boots, but they also sell Air Filters & Oil.

    The “prices” on oil like the reputed Castrol GPS 4-Stroke Engine Oil was in the slyfoxmx store for just $8.15 and Bel-Ray H1R Synthetic 2-Stroke Racing Oil was for sale at only $7.10 there are two random examples for you - should you need either one of them.

    When you look for a MX bike, visit youtube and look for any road test videos and reviews of current ownership. It all let's you build up a picture of finding your perfect motocrosser.

    Tips On Buying A Used Dirt Bike

    Dirt bikes for sale – cheap!

    dirt bikes for sale cheap

    When you’re looking for your first dirt bike, one thing that’ll never change is finding cheap off road bikes.

    So don’t be in a hurry to shout “I have my perfect dirt bike!” from the rooftops…..just yet.

    Once you have your specifications all listed, it’s time to go online and put some feelers out.

    Are you being too ambitious in your wants? Or will you have to rein back some of your spec’s and be realistic – is the cost just too high ? The realistic buyers always get the bargain motocross bike, never forget that.

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