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In addition to your dirt bike, you need to make sure you have the necessary range of pit bike accessories for safety and comfort. This guide makes sure you have all the accessories you need to dirt bike safely.

Wide Range of Available Dirt Bike Accessories

Dirt Bike Accessories

Buying a dirt bike isn't the end of your biking investment. You also need to make sure you have all the gear necessary to remain safe, secure and comfortable on your dirt bike. Before you buy, make sure you know the range of dirt bike accessories available and which ones are essential for your needs. From helmets and gloves to training videos and clothes, here is a guide to the range of accessories available for dirt biking.


Your helmet is the most important accessory for dirt biking.

dirtbike mx helmet gloves

Never ride without a helmet, as it can be extremely dangerous. However, you need to make sure that you choose the right helmet for your needs. Choose a helmet that fits well and isn’t too loose or too tight.

Also, it is advisable to get a helmet that protects your face as well as your head. Make sure you can easily see out of the window or visor of the helmet.

Remember, never buy used helmets as they may have been involved in crashes and so will be weakened. If there is one item of accessories you should spend good money on, it is your helmet.

Gloves and Other Protection

If you are planning to go out in cold weather or race your bike, then gloves and other accessories are important as well. Choose gloves that are warm but still allow for easy control of the bike. In terms of other protection, chest, spine, knee and elbow protectors are essential for racing to make sure you avoid getting hurt easily.

Although you might not need all of these dirt bike accessories, the more you have and can feel comfortable wearing then the safer you will be when using your dirt bike.

In addition to these items, other dirt bike accessories you might consider buying are:

  • Bike covers
  • Training videos
  • Graphics
  • Tire balls
  • Air filters

As long as you have the essentials for safety and comfort as mentioned, you will be ready to ride your dirt bike whenever you want, and dirt bike accessories will enhance this.

Buy dirtbike stuff

When you go and buy dirt bike accessories , you may want specific items. It’s a good idea to take a list, such as important items to buy; like a dirtbike jack. While in the store keep up to date on new developments such as dirtbike exhaust systems and wheels. Brands like dunlop dirtbike tires and others are always releasing new innovations so take away brouchures while your there.

dirtbike exhaust systems

A cool website for a great number of your dirt bike accessories and dirtbike helmet needs is dirtbikebitz.com. Which have in their store a large number of dirtbike aftermarket parts and dirtbike riding apparel. We looked over a Acerbis Spider Front Disk Fitting Kit for £18.45, some Acerbis Rally II Guards – in Black for £57.95 and finally a 2009 Shoei V-Moto Savage helmet - TC-5 in Black for £269.99. The nav bar on the left provides lots of pages to go to - for your specific wants but prices will vary and this site is a good place to seek seasonal sales.

Another fascinating website for dirt bike accessories was rpamx.co.uk, which did have tons of dirtbike accessories and clothing. From Suspension Parts to MX Graphics, including MX DVD's & Books to MX Clothing its all there in some shape or form. Navigation was easy and we spotted a cool Leatt ADVenture Brace which uses the same design functionality of the Moto GPX body Braces with less adjustment relating to forward and rearward movement of the helmet.

This came in at a price of £179.99. Dirtbikes and gear can soon mount up in cost, so buy excellent quality wherever possible, that goes for any dirt bike aftermarket part and even dirt bike tools as you will rely on those to get you back into the race.

MX Helmets, Deflectors n' more

Dirtbikexpress.co.uk is another website any pit biker should be browsing. Again its easy to find your way around and with Motocross clothing, Motocross Boots and many big branded Motocross Helmets it's an ideal place for seekers of dirt bike clothes. The site did seem to specialize in MX apparel rather than any dirt bike "part" accessories.

dunlop dirtbike tires

But we still found some nice dirt bike accessories from an Airoh Runner Drop Red Motocross Enduro Helmet which has a thermoplastic Outer shell, COOLMAX inner liner, quick release retention system and removable / washable pads all for £87.99. Many of these helmets should be EC22-05 Standard and ACU Gold Approved, and always check with the vendor that they are! Dirtbikexpress also do casual clothes and we came across a Alpinestar Cap in Black Poly Cotton for £27.99. So if you’re on the track or not, you'll look the part.

The next obvious choice as the name suggests is dirtbikestore.co.uk. Here too were many offerings from an Enduro MX Body Deflector at £68.46. Which included VAT. The deflector is CE Approved which gives comfort and ventilation while protecting the upper body. They were available in all sizes and have adjustable shoulder straps so you’re sure to feel comfortable in such an item.

Moose XCR Roost Deflector for motorcross

There was a Moose XCR Roost Deflector on sale as well for £68.46. Which had been designed by Moose racing from injection-molded Polycarbonate. This protector has a compression foam interior and adjustable straps to ensure the rider feels secure in this model.

What next? Well www.racespec.co.uk had some great deals on when we stopped by, how about 5 Dunlop tires for £180.00? They were offering 5 x 100/90-19 for £180.00 and 5 x 110/90-19 for £185.00. Plus other sizes too, so you could band together with your friends and have a super discount. Not just dirt bike part and accessory items either.

How about a DVD of which they had a number, but we decided to pick up the “Thrillbillies 2 Double Wide” DVD for £21.99. If you require clothes then a Syncron Kit (Shirt/Pants/Gloves) for £73.99 should see you look fine on the track. And the final deal of the day was 20% OFF Oil Filters for the week.

Now we couldn’t see a dirt bike part finder function which was a bit of a shame. But the site had obvious navigation and if we looked hard enough I’m sure we could have found a dirt bike air filter, dirtbike radiators plus some suzuki dirt bike parts if we had the time.

The last online store we went to was www.massport.co.uk, this site too has all manner of pitbike gear. Body armor, boots, clothing and decals. Then we found exhausts, knee braces, goggles and handle bars. We are sure most tastes are catered for; it was just a pity we didn’t have the time to explore the website fully - but this website looked rewarding.

A couple of items we didn’t see in any of these sites (correct us if were wrong) was a dirt bike carrier of some sort for your truck or car. Even some cheap dirt bike trailers would have been nice, but then again this is a specialized area. Having a dirt bike stand of some kind to transport your pit bike, is something to seriously consider. It’s ok buying all the cool gear and the dirt bike, but how will you get it to the local track? Always budget for this, and buy the correct fitted item for your particular circumstances and transport.

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