Our Advertising Policy

This site only accepts advertising from high-quality companies with good customer service and reputable goods. They too must still be relevant (or of benefit) to our websites readers or they will not be able to advertise.

Any reviews we show are in advance of that said company becoming an advertiser or sponsor. Our Advert selections remain unaffected and are chosen because they are among the best of breed in that field.

We will continue to review goods and advertisers without prejudice and remain independent at all times, without favouring any advertiser or sponsor.

We remain open to all relevant advertisers, who wish to advertise on this website.

Competing advertisers may place ads on this site, but all requests in regards to ad placement reside with the web owner.

If we feel an advertiser or company is generating bad feedback consistently it is our responsibility to remove those ads from any part of the site – and any outstanding monies will be refunded.

If you are already a site sponsor, thank you for your support by participating in our exclusive advertising program.

Advertising is subject to change, should customer feedback dictate a change.

The advertisers we show on this site, give great value so please do support them.

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