Supercross and arenacross

Supercross & arenacross explained.

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Supercross and arenacross - two sports but both as thrilling.

Supercross and arenacross Super cross and arena cross

Lets look at Supercross and arenacross together.

Stadium Excitement is better!

Just visiting the different cities to see Supercross action is a thrill.

Anaheim with a side trip to Disneyland and Knott's Berry Farm, Los Angeles with a side trip to a Laker's game, Phoenix and a jaunt to the Desert Botanical Garden, San Diego and the San Diego Zoo - all invite participation in the best each city has to offer.

Great racing competition and fun educational events are incredible combinations.

Supercross is more technical than motocross, requiring more skill, faster reaction time and willingness to accept the increased risk of injury. Television coverage reaches out to the world and increases the likelihood of sponsors, competitors and fans.

Rumor has it that Supercross races are about as popular as NASCAR races and why not? The requirements are nearly the same: a desire for speed with stamina, practice, quick moves and comprehension working to produce the best results, which has vast crowd appeal.

Chad Reed won the AMA Supercross Championship in 2004 and 2008. Ricky Carmichael took home the prize in 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005 and 2006. James Stewart, Jr. achieved the top in 2007 and 2009. Ryan Dungey won the Supercross Class in 2010 and Ryan Villopoto won 2011's top spot.

The World Supercross Championship merged with the AMA Supercross Championship in 2008. Winners of the Supercross Lites West and East who successfully moved to Supercross include Jeremy McGrath, Ricky Carmichael, James Stewart, Jr., Ryan Dungey and Ryan Villopoto.

Vets can teach a thing or two about Supercross knowledge and skills. Brok McAllister is active in Supercross racing and besides being a racer, has been involved as a promoter and team manager. He offers driver classes at Hangtown, the Supercross part of Prairie City OHV Park in Folsom CA.

All the book learning in the world is minimal compared to hands-on experience from experts and thankfully, some of the experts are willing to share the secrets of successful Supercross.

What is Supercross & Arenacross ?

Supercross and arenacross are almost the same type of dirt bike races, as the differences are quite small, though in the eyes of some racers and fans, they have a big impact.

The track, obstacles and overall show offers fans various experiences, with some favoring arenacross while others prefer the entertainment of supercross. The best way to determine which you like best is to see a race for yourself but knowing the key differences might also help.

The Races

Arenacross, or AX for short, and supercross, abbreviated SX, both occur on man-made tracks in a stadium and consist of professional riders from all over the world. The key difference is that arenacross takes place on a much smaller track in an arena with less people, thus creating the demand for faster races with more challenging jumps and obstacles.

supercross race fast action

However, it is supercross that people consider the "NASCAR" of the bike racing world, as its locations can house upwards of 35,000 fans and it has five major bike manufacturers, just as NASCAR has its big four.

Both of these races, despite consensus, are not true forms of motocross, which is the original racing style that began in Britain in 1924. Motocross is a completely raw form of bike racing that occurs on natural terrain, which allows for more freestyle and unexpected happenings.

Naturally, the sport evolved to arenacross and supercross so the governing bodies of motorcycle racing could have more control over the track, its obstacles and the races in general, giving the fans more entertainment for their money.

Despite modifications from their original form, supercross & arenacross are still difficult races that are highly competitive and have a huge fan base. The challenging obstacles, speed and danger bring a huge rush to even big adrenaline junkies, as you never know what can occur during any bike race.

SuperX and arenaX part 2.

SuperX and arenaX

Thrills n' action on the Go

Chad Cook from Oklahoma City enjoys being champion of the Arenacross Western Regional Lites class and enjoys representing Kawasaki and riding the KX250F.

The best part of the championship had to be wrapping it up before the end of the season in Council Bluffs, Iowa's Mid-America Center. Cook broke his wrist at the MetroCentre in Rockford, Illinois just a few weeks later.

The cast came off in May and he plans to train for the 2012 season by riding his road bike, motorcycle and swimming. The 2012 season will see him competing for the first time in the Arenacross class against another strong performer, Tyler Bowers of Danville, Kentucky.

Why Arenacross? It is exciting to learn various competitive levels. As with any sport, there are certain areas a person is just naturally good. Focus on that to become a member of the top ten with practice, dedication and ambition and give yourself a shot at the top with the proper equipment, skill and talent.

There is a lot to learn by watching and short 1 and 2 day schools to address the areas Arenacross competitors want specific guidance on.

Divided up into four US regions, Arenacross competition is held in cities such as Reno and Las Vegas NV, Kansas City and Wichita, Kansas, and Sacramento CA. Competition is for both professional and amateur riders. Murfreesboro TN's Tennessee Miller coliseum featured 461 riders in the 2011 Arenacross tour.

Agricenter International in Memphis is a great center for Arenacross, as is the Hyder-Burks Arena in Cookeville, which also features 4-H and rodeo competition.

The Mississippi Coliseum in Jackson and Forrest County Multi-Purpose Center in Hattiesburg offer even more opportunity for fans and family to enjoy the Arenacross events.

Why not be a fan of both Supercross and arenacross ( Super-X and arena-X ), there’s no rulebook that says you can’t. Supercross and arenacross combined, gives a fan a broader appreciation of the whole sport.

2014 AMA Supercross Rd 2 Phoenix - 450 Main Event (Full HD)

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