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Pit Bikes are now being regarded as some of the best dirt bikes for the money - they are smaller, lighter and look amazing.

Great fun for novice and expert.

buying the perfect pitbike

They are lightweight indeed, and have all the power and flexibility you may need. Motocross bikes sometimes called trial bikes or dirt bikes are now seeing a huge re-newed interest with all the new designs and features that are available.

Pitbikes are essentially smaller versions of their bigger brother dirtbikes, ideal for children and adults wanting to have some inexpensive fun offroad. The name comes from the “racing car pits” where these early small bikes used to carry drivers back to the PITS aka pitbikes!

Exciting graphics and a range of models are available from yamaha, honda and suzuki. They are also loved by amateurs and professionals alike, and competitions are seeing more of these bikes on the circuit.

Pit Bikes

All terrain bikes like these are now becoming a popular sport. The sturdy rugged tyres are ideal for the dirt n' dust tracks and the competing professionals choice for performance fun for a few hundred bucks.

Choice IS everywhere.

Suspension is what seperates the Pitbikes & Dirt Bikes from other bikes, and they are built to take whatever is dished out, and not break when the pressure is on. Lightweight frames and bodywork, give the pit bike an overall look of performance and reliability.

You must choose what cc of engine you want - as Pit Bikes have a huge choice of models, ideally start small and build, there is a massive second hand market, so your generally not stuck with your old bike if you want to go up a size, especially if its a well known brand your selling.

If your a beginnner a second hand bike is a must, buy cheap, and if you wreck it - which all novices may do to some extent, it hasn't cost you the earth, and you have had your mistakes and prangs on a low cost pit bike.

There are plenty of used Pit Bikes so take your time and look around, and buy wisely.

The dirt bikes & pitbikes available today are all shapes and sizes. You can select from a 150cc motorcycle or maybe a 50cc pit bike is more likely when you’re starting out. When looking at a pit bike for sale be happy with the bike itself - don’t buy it for its cool factor ONLY, but for something that will make your riding better.

So if you were to buy a pitbike what models should you be considering?

  • FK1 125cc (Monster-Moto) PitBike
  • The Akuma Assassin Bike
  • M2R Racing KX90F 90cc PitBike
  • The Super Stomp 120
  • Kawasaki KLX110 PitBike
  • The Pitster Pro 125cc
  • Sikk 125cc PitBike
  • The Thumpstar PitBike
  • Akuma Assassin PitBike and the Kawasaki KLX110

    Uninspired PitBikes

    Some problems with pitbikes are typical; others are questionable. Is it the bike, the rider, or a bit of both? Cheap pitbikes yield an okay ride for less money. Looking for something new, they opt for one of the cheaper Chinese bikes without reading or thinking through what they are getting.

    The Akuma Assassin MK3 125cc fall into the category of worst pitbikes because of engine trouble, rear suspension trouble and the inclination of the frame to break. It is not rated for jumps; the result is a broken bike and perhaps rider injuries.

    The Yamoto Explorer 125cc looks great. Imported from China, it is one of the pit bikes for which finding replacement parts is a challenge. The Loncin engine is stock and uses different bolts and parts than Honda clone Chinese engines such as the Lofin. After-sale expenses may change your understanding of cheap. It’s not all rosy in pitbike town, so be aware of SOME cheap bikes that are hard to get spares for.

    Consider the pitbike

    Small off road motorcycles how cool are they! A pitbike can be a heck of a lot of fun for those amateur tracks and a few hours of simple riding with family and friends.

    Riding the territory on your pitbike when your a kid, you’ll feel like a king on your light & fast new bike. But if you’re just starting off; you’ll need a well suited pitbike that isn’t likely to break any bones, or cause you to lose control.

    dirt bike picture

    Although there’s hardly any such thing as a free pit bike (unless a friend is recycling one or its an xmas present); if you buy wisely, you can get great deals on your motor bikes and kit.

    One overlooked ride is an electric pitbike, young riders are getting to grips with some of the latest electric bikes (like the Razor Dirt Rocket MX500) that offer safe riding for those that need encouragement and confidence.

    The electric motorbikes are often advised for riders of around 13-14 years of age, although they look like toys. Don’t be sucked in to the thinking that they are toys however; the MX500 for example can go up to 15mph.

    What great pitbikes are being sold today - lets take a look.

    Funkybikes.co.uk have a good range, with their 125cc dirt bike Pro - selling for £319. This motorcycle comes with a 4 Speed gearbox, a 125cc Single Cylinder, Air Cooled, 4 stroke engine and front and Rear disk brakes with braided hoses. It’s purported to do wheelies in 2nd and 3rd gear, and with 14 Inch front, and 12 inch rear tires you’ll get plenty of grip indeed.

    Another pitbike for sale at funkybikes is a 110cc Monkey Bike ready to go at £699. With Spring & Oil Twin Shock Absorbers; a Key Ignition and a 107cc, 4-stroke, OHC, Single Cylinder, Air Cooled engine; its a complete minibike for any tuff territory you'd want to ride on.

    Get pitted with gear

    Slyfoxmx.com is brilliant for pitbike gear & clothing at good prices. What did we see?

    150cc dirt bike

    How about an Answer Alpha Combo set on sale at $69.95; or a Simpson Pro Orange or Red Combo (that’s MX pants, jersey and gloves) all going for $69.95. The simpson fmx set has Coolmax@ Mesh Lining, an adjustable velcro waist, a mesh construction and hard-wearing rubber logos.

    Helmet safety is important on a pitbike, for those tracks & trails but a helmet visor should NOT be needed – they may fog up. So get some purpose made MX goggles for your helmet – and make sure they fit! (ie: the goggles should wrap around the helmet, and still be snug to your skin around the eyes).

    Once you have your head sorted, now get your body protected and what better than a Thor Force Roost Guard- going for $129.95. Suitable for most racing pitbikes, it has a triple-layer back system, polypropylene plastic shoulders, a quick-lock buckle closure system and a Polycarbonate chassis for extra durability.

    Sikk Pit Bike for off road fun

    Finally its ebay; which as you know sells bike parts, accessories, discount tires and new pitbikes all for low money.

    With so much in their auctions – we’ll pass on the motocross clothing and get straight to the pitbikes.

    Some examples were a YRF100 OFF ROAD SCRAMBLER TTR pitbike for £695. Ideal for 12–13 years right up to adults. Then we looked into a TM 125cc Motocross Bike for a flat £1000. This bike came with a dep full pipe, 2 spare tires and had a 5 speed gearbox - soooo many great pit Bikes on ebay! And it’s a breeze to find em’.

    You really have no excuse not to buy great pitbikes and clothing, that’ll see you ride with the best of them - all for a few hundred dollars. Plus you can do most of that searching all from the comfort of your living room.

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