2011 Kawasaki dirt bikes

Kawasaki MX motos and Kawasaki pit bikes.

2011 Kawasaki dirt bikes are showing the world that they are still one of the leading brands for motocross riders.

2011 Kawasaki dirt bikes Kawasaki pit bikes

After a great few years with some top names achieving great results on the Kawasaki dirt bikes, they want to continue the success into 2011. Both Jake Weimer and Christophe Pourel picked up championships on Kawasaki dirt bikes.

They proved that the Kawasaki brand is still as strong, and is capable of achieving the top places. Although many different manufacturers decided to hold off for the 2011 season due to the very tough economic climate, Kawasaki decided to have a business as usual attitude.

Team Green as it has become known have released 2011 Kawasaki dirt bikes that are updated and excellent value for money.

The engine has become the main focus for Kawasaki for 2011, and the new KX450F has had a new fuel injection system that is lighter, and far more effective. The set up that was chosen by Kawasaki was very similar to the 2009 system.

The aluminum fuel pump helps with the lightweight element, and the single injector adds a minimal amount of weight. The 2011 Kawasaki dirt bikes want to make a statement that they are set to stay at the top.

The new models of dirt bike are powered by the electricity generated by the crankshaft enabling there to be no battery at all. The dirt bikes can be started with one easy kick-start, and there is sufficient power to generate the first movements.

This allows the riders to concentrate on riding, and controlling the bikes rather than being concerned about bogging. Hesitation during acceleration has always been an issue in the past; however, with the new system this is eliminated.

The Kawasaki motocross experience.

Kawasaki motorcross Kawasaki MX

Kawasaki also offers an amazing fuel injection collaboration kit that can be compatible with the riders PC. All of the data is logged ensuring that the rider can track their progress throughout the race.

Although in years gone by dirt bike riders were seen as uneducated this is so far from the truth. They are continually monitoring their race progress, and dirt bikes performance to enable them to be able to improve.

The 2011 Kawasaki dirt bikes have had a complete chassis overhaul, and are far lighter, and more robust. The suspension has been improved to include the Showa separate function fork, which allows a far smoother ride.

The shock absorbers have new damping settings to ensure that the dirt bike can take intense punishment. Although this model does weigh slightly more than its predecessor it does have the performance; and overall ride is far greater.

Competitive prices should give you a motocross lift.

The prices have not altered much for the 2011 Kawasaki dirt bikes making them still one of the most affordable dirt bikes on the market.

There were concerns from Kawasaki about taking something that was already great, and trying to improve on it. However, they have proved that sticking their neck out, and trying for the extreme has worked, and yet again, they have produced an amazing dirt bike that is affordable, stylish, and an incredible ride.

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