2011 Suzuki dirt bikes

Suzuki motorcross rides and Suzuki MX.

2011 Suzuki dirt bikes are some of the best the company has ever produced as they held back on releasing any new models in 2010.

2011 Suzuki dirt bikes Suzuki pit bikes

Although other bike manufacturers continued to produce new bikes Suzuki monitored the buying trend of the consumer, and noticed that it had dried up.

With that said, 2011 is not much better; however, they are hoping that their new impressive dirt bikes will get people interested.

Suzuki decided that 2011 would be their year, and have several new 2011 Suzuki dirt bikes on offer. With an incredible amount of new bikes on offer, you will have a great deal of choice.

Although Suzuki has launched new road bikes, sports bikes, and cruisers, they haven't forgotten the motocross range. There are two new 2011 Suzuki dirt bikes to choose from, and both are fantastic machines offering you power, and style.

Both the RM-Z450 and the RM-Z250 are four strokes, liquid cooled systems that offer a good amount of power. They are both fitted with new exhaust systems to adhere to the new noise regulations that have been set out.

Although the noise has decreased the power is certainly not less, and these 2011 Suzuki dirt bikes will put many other competitors to shame.

Suzuki has applied cutting edge technology to ensure that their bikes are still one of the leading brands. Another element that Suzuki wanted to combat was the level of maintenance needed in the past.

Many riders felt that there were elements of the dirt bike maintenance that could be made simpler. The 2011 Suzuki dirt bikes offer a fuel line cap to facilitate regular checks, and maintenance, and couplers to regulate the EFI settings.

Suzuki pit bikes, for dirt motocross.

Suzuki motorcross Suzuki MX

The range for 2011 allows you to have a leaner, smarter looking dirt bike, but with the same power, and punch that is needed.

All good racers need power alongside quick movements, and a light bike to race with. All of these elements are still a huge part of the 2011 Suzuki dirtbikes, however they feel better tuned, and ready for action.

Suzuki has helped dirt bikers to win trophies and races for generations, and the service, and expertise simply gets better, and better every time.

With so many new features, and elements to the dirt bikes it is hard to see what hasn't changed, however, every element is excellent. The new lighter chassis enables the dirt bike to ride faster, and the inverted forks provide the ultimate dampening system.

The seating position is deeper allowing you to take full control of your bike. The 5-speed transmission allows the dirt bikes to cope with a huge array of different terrains.

There are so many different features, and new components to the 2011 Suzuki dirt bikes that it is no surprise that they appeal to both new riders, and experienced motocross competitors.

They are incredibly lightweight, easy to ride, and very affordable. The name Suzuki always ensures that people know they are getting quality every time. No matter what dirt bike you are choosing you will know that you are getting a top quality bike, with excellent after sales care.

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