50cc Dirt bike parts

Spares and repairs - Bitz n' Bobs.

50cc dirt bike parts should be numerous to find, but it does depend on your make and model of bike. If you have a rare or unique bike, tracking your spares down maybe difficult.

two 50cc dirtbike motorbikes

However for most of the main brands such as Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, etc etc, you should be well supplied. Go to a store you trust, and that has a variety of spares, or maybe they can order the part for you, even if they don’t have it normally.

The 50cc isn’t that unusual so its doubtful you’ll have any issues finding the part you require. Take your time finding the best price, but remember that quality counts too.

Where to go for 50cc Dirt Bike Parts

The Internet is a favorite place for shopping worldwide and as with any type of business, most are good and some are bad. Whenever you start looking for 50cc Dirt bike parts, do a bit of research on the company or person selling them before ordering. Also, if you have a good experience with a purchase, let people know.

One of the winners when looking for 50cc Dirt bike parts is partsforscoooters.com, a division of Universal Parts. Many of the dirtbikes on the site are from China and other Asian countries. Partsforscooters watch out for repair services and consumers who need either aftermarket parts or replacement parts for their Asian-made transportation products.

You will find page after page of various after-market accessories, stock parts and performance parts when you search the web. If you consider how many different pit bikes and dirt bikes exist, it is definitely not a surprise. Do watch for the "drop-in" information, usually in bold.

It usually leads to a site that wants a hit and plugs in the data you seem to be searching for to get your attention. People are searching for 49cc, 70cc, 90cc, 100cc, 110cc and even 125cc 4-stroke "Honda style" horizontal cylinder engines, besides the 50cc Dirt bike parts you are after.

Another site for 50cc Dirt bike parts is prodicygokartatv.com, with a good variety of parts for the 50cc Hensim Dirtbikes from China. Of course, eBay is always a great site to look at - and sometimes you can get a great deal because the offer is listed in the wrong bid category. Amazon.com is another great site and you may often find an incredible buy you cannot pass up, like a new Baja Dirt Runner DR50 50cc gas mini bike for less than five hundred dollars.

50cc dirt bike parts

So you need some 50cc dirt bike parts? Where to start?

Well there are ebay adverts, the gumtree website, and maybe local classifieds. Also it’s worth a look at www.cmsnl.com as they stock all the big brands such as Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki - plus Takegawa the mini-moto company.

If you live in England perhaps the www.ukclassifieds.co.uk might be just the place to go as well.

Buying from a private seller can be full of hazards, not least of all being sure they are honest and the bikes not been wrecked.

50 cc dirt bike components

Worn or damaged parts.

However you need to be sure the used dirt bike part (or bike) isn’t broken or worn, so check the sellers feedback, and that dirt bike engine parts are made from the correct metals. An old dirt bike part for an obsolete model, might be hard to come by in the first place, but if it looks bad - still don’t buy, its still worthless in getting your bike going again.

50cc dirtbike

If you have the cash maybe seek out an old 50cc mini dirt bike for sale (same year/model as yours), and if the 50cc motorbike is cheap enough – then buy it for spares. Or if the new 50cc MX bike is sound, keep it - ride it, and use your OLD bike for parts! This idea is often overlooked when tracking down a specific 50cc dirt bike part. Plus you then have numerous other parts on this old bike, ready in the garage, to remove at your leisure.

Ok - you don’t have to go mad and spend a lot on used 50cc dirt bikes, ebay might even allow you to contact the seller after the auction; if the bike does not sell and you can settle on a figure when the auction ends.

A number of 50cc mini dirt bike spares can be universal, and you might find items are very adaptable for your own 50cc dirtbike.

Stores online and off, may offer a cheap dirt bike part in seasonal sales so look out for those too.

A Used 50cc dirt bike

A 50 cc bike is a good ride, used for simple trials and its light. Any dirtbike should be looked over before buying, and certainly a used 50cc dirt bike needs inspection.

Suitable dirt tracks should be found locally and when riding your 50cc pit bike be sure its well maintained as you could have an accident on your pride and joy. So when you have time, do regular servicing and check the bike over after a days fun. There are plenty of 50cc dirt bike parts out there - now go get em'.

used 50cc dirt bike


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