Alpinestar boots

Alpinestars motorcycle clothing, stitched with the alpinestars logo.

Alpinestar boots are necessary if you want to race. Taking on the challenge of a championship course is foolish without the safety gear made for the sport.

alpinestar boots alpinestars motorcycle clothing

One cannot conceive of motocross without the gear. This gear includes riding items that need to be worn for safety. The list includes helmet, goggles, gloves, jersey, a chest protector, motocross pants and boots.

The top line boot for motocross is Alpinestar boots. This widely recognized name backs a boot that just about every top rider uses. Why is this?

Major features in comfort, safety, and durability make this company one that stands out from the rest. Check out the top riders in every circuit and you will find this company has their boots on those rider's feet.

Quality alpinestars motocross gear

Alpinestar boots set the industry standard for motocross boots. They were the first, with their Tech 8 to provide an inner bootie that cushions the rider's feet in comfort. This bootie can be removed for cleaning or replaced easily, making the boot overall one of the most durable on the market.

Once more, the Tech 8 is so innovative that few can match it although many try to imitate it. The numbers of top pro motocross racers choosing to add Alpinestar boots, and the Tech 8 in particular, to their gear should tell you exactly how exceptional these boots are.

Alpinestars shoes vs the alpinestars boot.

alpinestars logo alpinestar gloves

It is not just the breathable perforated leather inner booties with their superior ankle support (there is both built in padding and gel inserts) that makes these boots the choice of so many.

The durable outer construction is leather and injection molded plastic. And while they might look much like the next boot, there's a lot of hidden features with these that make them very special indeed.

Take a look at the stamped-steel shank and toe guards. Check out the fully replaceable soles that have separate foot peg inserts. Eyeball the easy to use aluminum buckles. Then consider that bootie again, because that is where the Tech 8 will win you over.

The inner bootie has an extra feature to allow you to customize the fit to your foot. This is achieved with a shock-absorbing foot bed. The bed itself can be customized to fit the foot's unique shape through filling in the molded indents in it with a variety of cushions that are included with the boot.

Because this bed is removable, those who have large or thick feet can remove them altogether for more room inside the boot if they need it.

If you want a lighter weight boot there is the Alpinestar boots Tech 6. This boot lacks the inner bootie, but gives you less weight with the same protective elements. Some riders prefer the supple feel of the Tech 6 over the Tech 8. It costs a little less, for one.

You still get a durable and protective boot. The buckles are easy to use, and many of the bootie features are worked into the outer boot for the Tech 6.

When buying boots, you might also take a liking to the sturdy alpinestar gloves, and the alpinestar backpacks. Great for carrying your MX gear and expensive alpinestars leather suits to the circuit.

This brand certainly appeals to a broad cross section of riders, using their new alpinestars gloves and alpinestars vector boots ; which they keep buying year after year. And that has to tell you something.

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