Becoming a Motorcross Racer

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Becoming a Motorcross Racer - the way to do it.

Becoming a Motorcross Racer dirt bike racer

There are many steps to becoming a motocross racer, such as purchasing a dirt bike, the proper motorcross clothing, receiving training, etc.

Each step to becoming a motorcross racer is a vital part, and none of them should be skipped or passed over as unimportant. If you want to become a motorcross racer, here are the steps that you need to take:

1. Select a Dirt Bike

Selecting a dirt bike is the first step that you need to take in becoming a motorcross racer. You need to select a bike that is:

  • Easy for you to handle. Some motorcross dirt bikes are harder to steer and handle, and you need to find one that you can easily maneuver.
  • Not too powerful. Dirt bikes range between 120cc and 650cc, and you need to find a dirt bike that has an engine that you can control.
  • The right size for you. You need to take your weight into account, and you should test out the bike to ensure that your legs are not too long or too short.
  • Find a dirt bike that you feel comfortable handling, and you will have taken the most important step towards becoming a dirt bike racer.

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    2. Select your Dirt Bike Gear

    Wearing the proper motorcross clothing is a vital part of racing, and you should always wear the protective motorcross clothing that will protect you from injury.

  • A helmet is vital in protecting your head and neck from serious injury, and you should find a helmet that is light and sturdy.
  • The body armor is the most important piece of motorcross clothing, as it protects your chest and abdomen in case of a collision or accident.
  • The gloves provide extra grip on the bike and protect your hands from being chopped up if you wipeout.
  • The motorcross pants or full body suit will protect your legs and body from being sliced to ribbons if you slide along the ground in an accident
  • The motorcross boots will help to protect your feet, ankles, and legs if you get in an accident, and can prevent them from getting crushed beneath the weight of a dirt bike.
  • Without the right motorcross clothing, you could find yourself in bad shape if you get in an accident.

    3. Get Training

    There are many motorcross schools around the country where you can learn the proper track etiquette, bike handling, and other vital parts of motorcross racing. You should never hit the track without being trained in a school or by a professional. Becoming a Motorcross Racer is a focused commitment.

    4. Hit the Track

    Once you have spent enough time training, it is time to hit the track. Take a few laps slowly around the track to get the feel for your bike, the track, and the dirt beneath your dirt bike. Only open up your bike to higher speeds once you have become accustomed to handling it and riding the track.

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