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Bicycle motocross - Training to be a BMX Racer.

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Many people love to ride their bicycles around their town or city, but few people actually have what it takes to be a bicycle motocross racer.

Bicycle motorcross, or BMX, takes place on a track similar to a dirt bike motorcross track. Training to be a bicycle motorcross racer is actually very difficult, and it requires a lot of focus and dedication to become a BMX racer.

Many people look at road cycling bikes and mountain bikes and wonder which the best for them to use to train for bicycle motorcross racing is. Both bikes provide an excellent workout, and training on either one of these kinds of bicycles is viable to enable you to get in good shape to be a BMX racer.

Trainers will recommend either one of these bicycles to use to get in the condition required of a BMX racer.

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Some trainers have said that they prefer to use a road cycle is easier to use for training, as most people are able to perform more consistently when using a road cycle. However, a mountain bike performs similar to a BMX bike's performance, so you may want to consider using a mountain bike to get in shape to be a BMX racer.

When you first begin practicing to be a BMX racer, you will find that your rear hurts a good deal. This is because the seat of the BMX bike is far harder than the seats of mountain bikes and road cycles. Don't worry, as this will pass within a few weeks of training.

This acclimation of the body to the harder seat is called saddle hardening, and happens once the racer has spent a good deal of time getting his rear used to the more solid seat on a bicycle motocross bike.

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If you are just beginning to train to become a BMX racer, it is recommended that you exercise for 45 minutes three times a week.

You will easily find that you will be exhausted within these 45 minutes for the first few days, but you will find that you have more stamina as you are faithful and consistent with your training.

Increase the amount of time that you exercise every day until you are able to cycle up to 2 hours, though going for more than 2 hours is not recommended. You should try to find a loop that you can ride in the amount of time that you will be training.

A loop is a course that you follow, and you should look for one that is relatively flat without too many hills. As you get in better shape, you can find a track that has more hills and start pushing your body more.

BMX fitness ahead for you.

Once you get better and have more stamina, it is time to change up your training a bit. If you find that you need more strength in order to complete the loop more easily, try pedaling slowly at a high resistance setting.

If you need more speed and endurance, try pedaling faster at a low endurance setting.

Of course you don’t necessarily need body armour or discount motocross boots, to ride BMX bikes; but a helmet of some sort is a definite “good” idea.

Keep practicing and training, and you will eventually get in the proper physical condition to become a BMX racer. It may take time, but with perseverance and dedication you can achieve your dreams of BMX racing.

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