Buying and maintaining motocross wheels and tires

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Buying and maintaining motocross wheels and tires can seem like a daunting task to undertake if you have never done it before.

buying and maintaining motocross wheels and tires

However, the trick to purchasing and fixing motocross wheels and tires is to find out as much as you can about your motocross wheels and tires.

Here is a two part primer on buying and maintaining motocross wheels and tires.

Wheel moto buying

Buying motocross tires

In order to buy motocross wheels and tires, you need to understand that your decision depends entirely on what kind of dirt track you are going to be on. The following are four different types of motocross tires.

1. Hard terrain motocross tires:

Hard terrain motocross tires are designed specifically for people who ride on dirt tracks that have a solid terrain.

In order to cope with the terrain, the outer rubber compound of these tires is particularly soft for giving the bike proper traction. Furthermore, for the same reason, the tread blocks would be placed close to each other.

2. Soft terrain motocross tires:

These are motocross tires which are suitable for riders who are looking to ride on surfaces that are soft, muddy or loamy. The rubber compound used in these tires is hard and the tread blocks are spaced apart from each other.

Moreover, the shape of the tread blocks allows the tires to scoop out the loose mud and give the bike grip. However, the front tires would mostly have spiky tread blocks.

3. Intermediate terrain motocross tires:

As is obvious, these types of tires are a balance between the aforementioned two types. Effectively, they can be used in situations where the terrain varies in quality.

4. Paddle tires:

These are tires that are particularly created for riders who only ride on sand. Herein, traction is achieved by the tread blocks being placed far apart from each other.

Fixing dirtbike tyres

fixing dirtbike tyres wheel moto buying

Maintaining motocross wheels and tires

Maintenance of motocross wheels and tires is largely based around common sense. Consider the following:

1. As most riders probably know, motocross tires get particularly dirty after every session.

If the tires are not cleaned and washed after every race or session they can get damaged. Therefore, the rider should pay a lot of attention to the cleanliness of the motocross wheels and tires.

2. Corrosion, however, is also a major threat for motocross wheels and if these get damaged then they need replacing. Therefore, corrosion prevention liquids should be used on motocross wheels to keep such damage at bay.

3. It is absolutely vital that the rider keeps an eye on the tire air pressure before and after every ride. Furthermore, it is important that the tires are replaced after tread blocks have weathered away due to overuse.

4. Any rips, tearing, perishing and damage to a tire, must be replaced for the next race – your mind should never be in “that’ll do” mode. A blowout isn’t what you want on a winning last lap.

Buying and maintaining motocross wheels and tires does not have to be as difficult as some riders make it out to be. All a rider needs to do when buying and maintaining motocross wheels and tires; is pay a little attention to his bike and all its important and indispensible components.

Now thats good sense.

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