Dirt bike jumps

A dirtbike jump catching air.

Dirt Bike Jumps – the thrills, the thrills.

dirt bike jumps dirt bike crashes

Dirt bikes are fun to ride across trails and even more exciting is the first time you successfully negotiate dirt bike jumps.

When you ride on a motocross track, whether it is a formal track or an informal one laid out so riders have a safe off road track, you will find obstacles and jumps to challenge your skill, knowledge and ability to maneuver your bike.

That is what brings the thrill and makes it fun. The security of knowing you have the basic skills helps you get safely across. Knowing how to adapt to changes and put knowledge with the skill helps you look good getting across.

Mike Metzger is one of the best freestyle motocrosser in the world. He has been nicknamed the Godfather of freestyle motocross because of the incredible jumps and moves he is able to land successfully.

Backflips are his forte and in 2006, he set a world record as he backflipped his Kwacka over the fountains at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas for 125 feet. The hours of practice for backflipping the bike are amazing.

The ability came from his desire to be able to perform the backflip in an amazing style and continued to discover how to make it happen.

Like anything in science, there are theories, experiments, analysis, adjustment and another try. Many factors are taken into consideration to decide how dirt bike jumps will succeed. Speed and angle of the jump are important, but the willingness and dedication of the rider are equally so.

Traveling in the air upside down is not the time to decide this is something you do not want to do.

Stunt dirt bike games – are a serious business.

dirt bike track dirt bike crash

Does practice make perfect? Not always, but it does teach lessons and allow you to become a better rider. One of the clues when getting ready for dirt bike jumps is your posture. In the approach, stand up on the bike in a crouched position.

Grip the bike with your legs to keep it in line and prevent it from stepping out sideways in the event the bike hits a bump while going up the ramp. Choose your line on the up ramp.

As you approach, keep an even throttle. When you hit the upramp, blip the throttle to keep the rear wheel kicking up if there is a small ledge or kicker on the top lip.

Perhaps the best thing you will discover is that other sports you have been involved in such as skate boarding, bicycling or skiing, use related concepts. It is all about computing action and reaction and learning to balance the two.

Gap jumps and tabletops need to be hit at a certain speed. Avoid having to make up acceleration on the upramp, since that causes problems on the jump. Concentrate on getting the proper speed before you reach the ramp.

Additional acceleration on the upramp can make the bike coast over the lip of the jump, producing a swift, flat air trip. Sometimes you will be forced to accelerate on the ramp. Practicing provides the confidence and skill to achieve the speed needed for successful, graceful clear dirt bike jumps.

Dirt bike crashes are common of course; particularly those new to the dirt bike track. You shouldn’t be fearful of a dirt bike crash, those glory riders before you have all had their fair share. The important thing to remember is to be sure you have the best safety dirtbike apparel – if YOU do crash.

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