Dirt Bike Safety

MX Bike dirt gear safety lessons.

Dirt Bike Safety - How to Do it Right.

Dirt bike safety How to do it How much does it cost

Riders with little experience and foolhardy thrill seekers with illusions of immortality may thumb their nose at the concept of ‘ Dirt bike safety How to do it. '

The ones who know how to do it recognize that one of the biggest parts is the use of safety gear. Gloves, goggles and a proper helmet are just a part of the safety equipment needed by a rider. Motocross boots and a chest protector offer further protection.

Dirt biking can be dangerous and proper gear allows a rider to take a spill, get up and walk away. Never be cheap when it comes to protecting yourself or other riders in your family. It is much more expensive to pay for long-term care than it is to pay for personal gear.

How can I make sure I buy the right fitting MX helmet ?

Consider the requirements for a helmet, which is not a one-size-fits-all sort of thing. The helmets are designed to answer the ‘ Dirt bike safety How to do it ' challenge. They are made of high impact plastic or fiberglass with full-face shielding. A special foam liner serves as a shock absorber.

You should not buy a used helmet and your head should not wobble about inside the helmet, it should fit snugly; but not to be over tight as to be uncomfortable on your head.

Purchase snug-fitting goggles and nylon gloves with leather palms, a very good protectant if you are sliding along the dirt with your palms out.

Chances are good you will find a pair of boots you want very badly. Motocross boots will give you protection and support at your shin, sole and ankle areas, while allowing comfortable movement.

Do not wait until you fracture a few ribs to decide that a chest protector is part of the ‘Dirtbike safety How to do it' lesson.

Your breastbone and upper rib cage will be covered and safer with a chest protector. Elbow and kneepads, a kidney belt, and a mouth guard protect a few more vital parts of your body. Wear a jersey with forearm guards and padded elbows and pants that have knee and shin guards.

Some people feel that they have met all the requirements if they wear the safety gear. While it is a good step, ‘Dirt bike safety How to do it' requires more.

You are in a competitive sport. Exercise keeps you at the top of your performance. Increase your strength and work to decrease reaction time. Anticipate events and determine how to handle situations.

Pit bike knowledge and dirt bikes racing.

How to stay safe when performing FMX stunts

Thinking and practicing makes the steps automatic when needed. Other Dirt Bike safety tips include riding with a buddy, preferably an experienced rider, and walking your bike if there is a problem.

Avoid a dirt bike accident

Take a formal dirt bike riding class. Not only can you learn new techniques, safety maneuvers are part of the course giving you an even better chance of walking away from a crash unscathed.

Choose the right bike for you. Engines under 70cc are good for those 6 through 11 years of age and those aged 12 to 15 will usually be settled comfortably with 70 to 90cc of power. Finding out your bike overpowers you is a dangerous discovery that generally leads to a crash.

Pull a preventive maintenance check on your equipment and bike before riding. Fix any problems you notice. Top off the gas tank, check the tire pressure and add air if needed, and be sure the light and the brakes work.

While all these steps might seem like they are cutting in on your time, they are part of the ‘ Dirt bike safety How to do it ' campaign designed to save riders from harm while enjoying their dirt bikes on the off road tracks.

Costs varies depending on your age and type of MX pitbike your using. For gear, you might use a combination of used and new items (helmet-new), and you might get all that for a couple of hundred dollars.

Bike repairs are harder to quantify as you may have a very common brand, where spares are very cheap – but even if you have a more custom model, digging around online will save some cash.

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