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Enduro motorcycles and the Enduro engineering of dirt bikes are specifically made for the sport of Enduro, with the medium hard and long travel suspension of the motocross bike that are conjoined with features like the quiet muffler and the headlight so as to make this motorbike street legal for certain parts of a track.

The Enduro bike's engine is normally a single cylinder two stroke between 125 cc and 360 cc or a four stroke between 250 cc and 650 cc. There is an advantage in having the size of the engine smaller than a 650 cc in certain Enduro events because it will nearly always be lighter.

This means the handling will be easier for getting around obstacles, trees etc. In certain Enduro events though, the larger bikes will be able to get up the hills without changing down gears.

Past and present day manufacturers of Enduro engineering of dirt bikes & motorcycles include Yamaha, Suzuki, Ossa, Montesa, Maico, KTM, Kawasaki, Indian, Husqvarna, Husaberg, Honda, Hodaka, Gas Gas, Bultaco and BMW. Enduro motorcycles start at 90 cc, such as the Suzuki TS and TC (dual-range transmission) models.

An Enduro motorcycle most closely resembles Motocross (MX) bikes, and an MX bike will often be chosen by a lot of riders to race Enduro. The demands of Enduro racing on a motorcycle are severe.

Compared to a standard street motorcycle, an Enduro bike requires a lot of maintenance in maintaining peak operating capabilities. The maintenance is comparative to that of a Motocross bike, except that the Enduro bike tends to need more repair maintenance/collision prevention.

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Until quite recently, the Enduro engineering of dirt bikes was developed by the manufacturers as a totally different bike than the MX bike. This is why a lot of racers rode and ride an MX bike in the Enduro events.

They were accordingly developed with a longer service life engine, more resilient components, less of a concern for its weight (because unlike MX there will often be no lower limit on a bike weight within a class), as well as other Enduro considerations.

Since 2000 though, the trend has been in using the MX racing bike as the platform for the Enduro bike. This was in part motivated by the MX conversion from two stroke to four stroke engine designs in complying with the regulatory trends.

When the 4 stroke conversions began, a sudden emphasis was placed on the power to weight ratio for the off road four stroke motorcycle, because the 125 as well as the 250 MX class have a minimum weight limit. The manufacturers simply reconfigured the existing four stroke MX line-up for the Enduro engineering of dirt bikes.

Today, these predominantly four stroke Enduro bikes are more powerful and lighter than ever. They display similar characteristics to their MX cousin, though.

Initially engineered to be an MX bike, it falls short of the rigor of long term use in Enduro. In their quest to achieving higher power and lower weight, the manufacturers made a lot of compromises such as lighter materials and thinner walls.

The compromises became clearly evident in the harsh conditions of Enduro. The valves of the 2004 Enduro Honda CRF250X were constantly being adjusted and also replaced in some cases. It appears that the 2006 model has been rectified with a cylinder head valve seat material change.

By contrast, the Husqvarna TE250 is low maintenance because it has been purpose built for riding Enduro.

Getting the right enduro gear, is also very important (from helmets to boots). So you can feel more comfortable on your honda xr 400 enduro de, or any other bike you buy.

Be aware of the main manufacturers when selecting an enduro for your personal use; and narrow that choice down to own the perfect moto.

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