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What's Not to Like about Moto Cross Bikes?

With decades of motocross history, it seems that moto cross bikes should be near-perfect when sold. Ignore the cases where consumers buy cheap imported bikes with the intention of tearing them apart to build something better.

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They know what they are doing and deliberately order two because of the great price. They still have a bargain even after the rebuild.

As prices rise, riders and distributors evaluate what they do not like. The manufacturer hears about the problem.

Engineers and technicians investigate, respond and constantly upgrade moto cross bikes. Performance is enhanced by shaving weight. With the swift response to complaints, it is difficult to find disliked bikes sold today.

The latest recipient of dislike is the electric bike, which delivers a short ride unless an extra charged battery is carried along. The 2010 and 2011 Zero MX are built more like a mountain bike. In response to rider criticism, it changed to look more like the other bikes on the track for 2012. There is a split opinion on the sound of the 2012 Zero MX, as electricity makes it quiet. Neighbors have no noise to complain about.

Handling is excellent but different. It is just a matter of practice. One thing owners did not like was the battery dying after 15 minutes or so of hard riding. The enhanced power pack for 2012 gives 75 percent more range than that of 2011. Expect a maximum of 90 minutes on the track and 2 hours on the trail. The price of $9495 for a short, silent ride is another feature that sends riders elsewhere.

Riders applaud the upgrades from Kawasaki each year. Suspension has been complained about for years and was addressed in 2012. However, the 2012 KX 450F still felt loose. Two moto cross bikes, the KX 450F and Honda CRF 450R, got a new Kayaba pneumatic front fork with a weight reduction of 1.7 pounds for 2013.

Reduced friction makes the ride smoother for both, with the 2013 KX 450F selling for $8700 and the CRF 450R remaining at last year's price of $8440. The result? Great response, great performance, great sound.

The sense of your own moto cross occasion.

Moto cross Bikes : A real ride.

Motocross has gained massive amounts of popularity over the past decade. It has become an American phenomenon and is now accessible to a larger audience than ever before.

With it becoming a more common hobby amongst our society, we see prices becoming more reasonable than they ever have been before.

Moto cross bikes still are costly, but with the many brands and styles out there, it is now easy to find one that stands up durability wise to make it a fine investment for anyone looking to get into motocross, and also find a style of bike that they are accustomed to.

When looking for a motocross bike it is important to not do so quickly, you should shop around, checking out different brands and their costs and materials. Some brands have the same material as others but one might cost more for having the name on the side of the bike.

If you are just starting out and don't have a sponsor, or are just doing motocross as a hobby for fun, it is important to pay the least amount you can for the highest quality bracket within your budget.

Motocross is a dangerous, but exciting sport so it is important to not skimp on the quality of your bike and find one that truly fits what you are wanting in a bike.

Skilled moto cross games on your Dirt Motorcycles.

moto casque cross moto cross games

Many sporting goods stores are starting to carry their own selection of moto cross bikes and these are usually a great place to start for beginner bike riders.

They usually carry a couple of types of starter bikes which are not too costly but are still safe and durable, just not as fast as some of the professional level bikes are. They are still a great starting point, and give enough speed for someone to really feel what motocross is all about.

What types of bikes should I look out for?

  • The Honda CRF50F or CRF70F
  • The Yamaha PW50
  • The Suzuki Jr50
  • The KLX100 from Kawasaki

You can also try searching online, there are many warehouse stores that carry these bikes, and as long as one is okay with paying the shipping, you can usually find a cheaper bike online than you would in a store.

It's just as important to find reviews and research what companies deliver in a quality product, as this is always the issue with purchasing online. You want to ensure that this money is spent on something that will last and be a well-placed investment.

If you are careful, and check around instead of purchasing this bike spontaneously, you will most certainly be happy with the motocross experience you receive. There are many people in the same shoes as you, whether you be a professional rider, or new to the motocross world.

Just remember to buy a new Motorcycle Helmet (or as the french would say: moto casque cross ), that’s fit ONLY for dirt bike racing – NO road helmets here; they’ll be a hindrance not a help.

The amount of people out there enjoying motocross means there are also numerous resources to help ensure you purchase the right bike for you, so take advantage of them, and you'll be riding moto cross bikes in no time!

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