Motocross yamaha motorcycles parts

The history of Yamaha dirtbikes and spare parts.

Motocross Yamaha motorcycles parts are a worthwhile investment if you want a perfectly performing yamaha dirt bike. Yamaha has made motorcycles since 1955.

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Designed for racing, these bikes are tough and dependable. In 1975 this company was the first to make production monoshock motocross bikes with 250 and 400 cc engines, followed by water cooled motocross bikes in 1977.

By 1981 this feature was included in off the shelf bikes, making Yamaha a leader in innovation for the sport.

While the majority of the field has historically been a European dominated sport, since the seventies it has been truly international with a high level of winners from many countries across the globe.

Dirt bike racing relies more on the skill of the rider and less on the sheer power of the machine, making it a good sport to get into if skill is something that you relish. Yamaha matches this need perfectly, providing you with a machine that allows you to show off your skill on the MotoX course.

Chances are if you have a Yamaha bike you love it. It makes sense to look for motocross Yamaha motorcycles parts to keep it in top shape. No matter what circuit you ride, from the Motocross World Championship to The AMA Motocross Championship, safety comes first and you need your bike to be in perfect working order.

Buying genuine motocross Yamaha motorcycles parts for your bike is the safe route to go because you can trust this world leader to make quality parts that will last under the extreme abuse that your sport subjects the MX bike and rider to.

So what are the common types of spares bought for the typical Yamaha bike ?......

  • Rims & tires
  • Performance exhausts
  • Carbs and their corresponding accessories
  • Chains and sprockets
  • Engine components
  • Shock accessories & stands
  • Decals and sticker sheets
  • Oils, lubricants and filters
  • Security devices (locks and alarms)
  • Handlebar grips and control levers
  • Fenders

Avoid many used yamaha parts.

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Since it is all about skill and Yamaha is founded on using science of metalworking to create strong yet lightweight products that do the job required of them with finesse and skill, it stands to reason that these bikes fit with motocross perfectly.

Although the sport of motocross has been around since the 1930's it was only in the late 1960's that Japanese motorcycles rose to the top. While Suzuki might have been the first to produce a victory by winning the 1970's 250cc championship (ridden by Joel Robert), it has been consistent for Japanese makers to innovate and improve upon things.

Yamaha's past of making metallic pianos meant that it was a natural step for them to move into a field that needed strong, lightweight, metallic parts. They were the leader with water-cooled motorcycles, and have consistently been pushing the abilities of off-road motorcycles for years.

Therefore you know when you get motocross Yamaha motorcycles parts you are joining the legacy that made modern motocross the thrilling sport that it has become. From the water-cooled, single-shock rear suspension to the environmentally sound four-stroke technology that has become widespread, you can't go wrong with a Yamaha.

The expert advice for the good of your Yamaha bike is to stick to genuine motocross Yamaha motorcycles parts. Doing this will ensure that you have a bike that you can depend on no matter what you put it through.

Are you a fan of yamaha motorsports ? well you can bet that a winning rider has his yamaha repair manual on hand wherever he goes (or his mechanic will). A manual will tell you EXACTLY the spare part to buy; and HOW to replace it.

Of course getting some vintage yamaha parts can be a little harder to buy (check ebay first), but it’s well worth a few bucks tracking down their corresponding yamaha manuals too.

Try not to buy used parts – tricky I know for vintage bikes – as they might fail unexpectedly. A used part is just a shot in the dark, sure it might hold but can you be sure?

You might feel like you’re going totally Yamaha crazy, spending a few hours digging out parts & books. But when you’re riding your yamaha confidently on the dirt track, knowing your spares bin is ready for almost any eventuality, your winning days are sure to be on the horizon.

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