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Motocross school - How to Begin Motorcross Racing.

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A Motocross school is just one aspect of beginning to race motorcross bikes, and it is important that you learn how to become a motorcross racer properly.

You may be able to learn the basics on your own, but there are a lot of things that you need to know before you ever hit the motorcross track, things that will help keep you alive when motorcross racing.

Critical dirt bike clothing

The most important part of motorcross racing is the protective gear. Each piece is designed to keep your body safe, and each part is vital in order to keep you alive in case of an accident:

  • The helmet is designed to cushion any head impact, and can save your life if you get into an accident.
  • The gloves provide grip on your bike, and can save your hands from being chopped up if you wipe out.
  • The full "colourful" motorcross suit is designed to protect your body from the grit you are racing on, and you should wear the body armor to keep yourself safe from falling while racing too.
  • The goggles prevent bugs, grit, and dirt from flying in your eyes, and will protect your eyes from any debris thrown up while racing.
  • The motorcross boots are vital to help protect your feet in case of an accident, due to their thick material and sturdy design they will keep your feet from getting crushed beneath your bike.
  • Your bike is a vital part of your gear, and you should ensure that you take proper care of your bike if you want to be a successful motorcross racer.

    Your bike needs to be cleaned, have its oil changed, its engine cared for, its brakes checked, and many other things. Taking proper care of your bike will ensure that it performs well during a race. A MX school will show you all this and more.

    Dirt bike riders swear by it.

    motocross helmets motocross boots

    Motocross school is the next step for those looking to be motorcross racers, and you can learn a lot from motorcross school.

    The instructors in the school can teach you how to maintain your bike, proper etiquette when racing, techniques for speeding up and stopping quickly, and many other details that will save your life on the motorcross track.

    It is important that you pay close attention to your instructors during your classes in motocross school, as the things they teach you are all vital to learn.

    These instructors at motocross school are professionals who have dedicated their lives to teaching people how to be excellent motorcross racers, and their goal is to help you succeed.

    Dirt bike stunts ? not yet!

    dirtbike school sign for bikers

    Once you have gotten some training, it is time to hit a local motorcross track. It is important that you take it easy on your first few times around the track.

    Even if you think you can handle the track at faster speeds, take it slow until you have truly mastered the track and your dirt bike. Only once you have gotten the hang of it should you speed up.

    Take things slowly, and make sure to get as much experience under your belt as you can. Only experience can turn a newbie motorcross racer into an expert who can speed around any track. Getting ahead of yourself will only get you into an accident.

    A few schools you may want to check out are ---- (in the uk) run training schools either for a full day 10 - 4pm or half day 10 - 1 or 1 - 4. They are insured and ACU approved, and are based in Hampshire. is run by Paul Malin, where you can learn about riding techniques, fitness and nutrition and bike setup plus a ton more. They run beginner to advanced 
courses over weekends and offer nationwide venues over Scotland and the UK. – the Tony D Motocross school, has been established since 1981. Based in New Windsor they have ways for riders to hone their skills through a detailed schedule and expert advice, so you will see an improvement in your riding.

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