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Innovative Features of One Industries Helmets.

Perhaps you have noticed some of the newer One Industries Helmets lately. It is very common to see the same brands and styles of helmets, whether they are being worn on back roads and trails or at the track during competition.

Gamma helmet Crypto Red and the Atom Trace helmet by One Industries

The main reason for wearing a helmet, of course, is self-preservation. The better quality and amount of protection in what is put around your face, the better chance of minimal injuries to the head and neck from a crash or spill.

All the technical knowledge in the world cannot replace personal experience when it comes to MX accessories like helmets and protective gear.

Even a few of the designers knowing what it is like to try to handle a dirtbike successfully while wearing advisable gear makes a difference. You will find employees with riding background at this company.

Riders must have a clear view of the area around them and have the ability to move and react quickly. That is part of what gives One Industries designs the cutting edge innovation for which they are known. Instead of a bulky and heavy full face helmet, the emphasis is on dependable performance with minimal weight.

The Gamma helmet is very light, thanks to a reinforced fiberglass shell. It still carries DOT certification. The sizes are measured for most riders in X-small through X-large. In addition to white, these One Industries Helmets are available in colors such as BOT Cyan and Crypto Red.

The addition of a dual density EPS liner is an innovative safety measure, as it slows a number of different impact forces. Flow-through ventilation cools the head. The moisture wicking liner is easy to remove and clean.

Another example is the white gloss finish Atom Trace helmet, known for comfort and performance. It carries Snell M2010 and DOT-218 safety ratings. Along with the EPS liner and moisture-wicking inner liner, the helmet has a shell construction of polycarbonate alloy.

Goggles fit much better and visibility is increased due to the enlarged eyeport. It is easy to appreciate and stay loyal to a company focused on customer safety and comfort.

One industries stuff with the logo emblazoned.

One Industries helmets are the premier safety helmet on the market. Highly rated for durability, fit, and comfort, if you need a great safe MX helmet this is the way to go.

one industries helmets one industries atv seat covers

Both older versions and newer ones have great customer reviews from actual riders. Looking at a couple of the different types gives you a feel for the overall price range.

The low end cheap One Industries helmets are the older Kombat model. While this is not a top of the line helmet it still looks sharp for the price. It comes with a rubberized nose guard that adds to the comfort, but one reviewer pointed out that it is attached weakly.

Buying skull protection with graphics included.

Hanging your helmet on the handlebars can rip the nose guard off the helmet itself. It comes with a thermo alloy resin polycarbonate shell. The insulation is the same as what this company uses in its higher end helmets, an EPS foam. Where cost cutting measures are employed - it can be seen in the liner.

The Kombat has a Nylex liner that some riders have complained does not wick sweat off very effectively. Additionally the liner does hold moisture and this can lead to the helmet being less comfortable than some other styles.

It is suggested that you add earplugs with this helmet as it does not shield the noise well when used for road racing. However, this is a top rated safe helmet and well worth the money.

One Industries dirt bike Helmets

You want MORE One Industries gear?

one industries graphics one industries logo

The mid-range One Industries helmets include the older Trooper style (since replaced with the Trooper II as the top line helmet). At the time it came out this was praised for its look & style.

It was and remains a great combination of form and function. Starting with a wrap-around goggle strap guide that is intuitive and fast to locate that is made of an indentation and beaded rubber guide which holds the strap firmly in place, a simple solution to an awkward problem.

The shell is Kevlar-reinforced fiberglass. It has exhaust vents at the top to channel air into the helmet helping to reduce the build-up of heat inside the inner EPS foam.

There are ports also on the chin area and forehead too. The Savoire suede liner is removable, and it is suggested that it be taken out and all the vents double checked for stickers blocking them. It might take a couple of rides to fully break this model of helmet in.

One industries clothing n’ accessories.

The high end One Industries helmets are the Trooper II. With the same technology as the trooper, you can be assured that this is an exceptional motocross helmet. The good news is that it is stronger and lighter than the old version.

Added is a neck brace interface for safety. Improved forehead vents keep the rider cooler than ever before. Carried forward is the large eye port, the Savoire suede liner, and the safety standards of the previous version. Added are large visor bolts to allow for different visor styles and fast changes.

Among the array of great MX helmets, it’s easy to forget about other products that one industries sell, like the tokion hoody and the shattered beanie. Heck they even do seat covers, for your dirt bike!

So check this brand out, and keep up to date on feedback of specific items if you’re considering a purchase in Canada, America or anywhere in the world.

ONE INDUSTRIES logo and jerseys


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