Super cross racing

Super cross series talk.

Super Cross Racing - if those super cross stadium designs are right, you should see all the thrills from start to end.

super cross racing super cross series

What do the flags mean on a Super Cross racing track?

The flags measure 30 inches X 30 inches and each have their own meanings.

Green: This color signifies the start of a race.

White: This color tells the rider that there is one lap left to do until the finish line.

Yellow: This color signifies caution. When this flag is shown, competitors have to ride with caution until they safely pass the incident which caused this flag to be shown.

When the yellow flag is shown in motocross no jumping or passing in-between the incident and the flag is allowed. If this is done, the rider may be docked from a finishing position as far as disqualification from that event under the discretion of the referee.

Black flag with a one inch white border: This flag signifies immediate disqualification, and the rider has to see the referee immediately.

Blue: This color indicates that faster riders will soon be overtaking you. The slower rider has to hold his line and not obstruct their progress.

White with a red cross: This flag will indicate that emergency personnel, safety vehicles or ambulances are on the track. Caution has to be exercised.

In Arenacross, motocross and super cross racing etc. when this flag is displayed, all the riders have to slow down as well as maintain their positions with no jumping or passing until they have passed the incident. If a rider fails to do this, he could be docked from a finishing position or even disqualification from this event.

Red: This flag signifies that the race has been stopped in an emergency situation. The riders must return to their starting line in a cautious manner and then wait for further instructions.

White and Black checkered flag: This flag signifies the end of an exciting super cross racing event! The checks are each 5 inch squares.

Who’s the super cross king, on a super cross circuit.

super cross king super cross circuit

Competition apparel

When riding a bike on a super cross racing course or track a helmet must be worn all the time by a rider. The helmet must be a full coverage or full face type.

Shatterproof goggles or shatterproof face shields must also be utilized by the riders. The helmet has to conform to a recognized standard with a label that is affixed to certify its approval.

The following are recognized standards:

  • USA: DOT FMVSS 218 or Snell M2010, M2005
  • Europe: Regulation ECE 22-05, ECE 22-04 P
  • United Kingdom: Type A BSI 6658
  • Japan: JIS T 8133 : 2
  • All helmets are recommended to have commercially produced emergency removal devices. Blood type, drug allergies and the rider's name should all be displayed on the helmet's base. This information should also be carried on a card, as well as any pertinent info such as a past medical problem, current medications, diabetes or epilepsy.

    Protective pants that are made from leather or any durable material has to be worn, as well as long sleeved jerseys.

    When a jersey or something else that the rider wears is to be used for identification of the rider, a number that is 8 inches high should be put onto his back. The number should also be of different colors.

    Boots must always be worn at all the meets. The boots should be a minimum of eight inches high and have any combinations of zippers, buckles or laces. They can also be specially constructed and designed for foot and leg protection.

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