Top 3 used Motocross Motobikes

Motocross pre-loved rides, that don’t break the bank.

The top 3 used Motocross Motobikes – where to start?

When looking for the top 3 used Motocross Motobikes, many people tend to ask the question of which is best? Dirt bikes or motocross motorcycles? To be perfectly honest, it will depend heavily on where you plan to race, and the majority of Motocross events will take place on a dirt track.

That being the case, most will opt for dirt bikes as they have the ability to grip the dirt and climb hills in a way that a motocross motobike simply cannot.

There are exceptions to this rule however, especially during a Supermoto event in which a motocross bike is taken from it's normal environment and used either on dirt or pavement.

During this time these bikes will be fitted with road racing tires that can grip both pavement and dirt, and with the ability to change the tires on demand, many will opt for motocross motobikes rather than the versatile dirtbike.

The big pitbike brands to look for.

Still the question of which is best? Dirt bikes or motocross motobikes still remains in circulation, and many seem to be at a loss.

In any case, finding the top 3 used motocross motobikes is not exactly a difficult task, as you can imagine. After all, there are only a few brands out there that you would really want to expose yourself to, the first of which happens to be Honda.

Honda motorbikes.

Honda CRF450X pitbike dirt bike

Honda: As you probably know at this point, Honda has been on the market for years, and their latest models are really no exception to the rule.

Second to none, the low end Honda dirt bikes start at $1349 with a 49cc single cylinder 4 stroke engine.

This might not put you in the big leagues, but it will most certainly get you on the road and ready to go. The price and the model will go up of course as you move down the line, and it should be noted that there are two beginner bikes which are the 49cc and the CRF70F.

The higher end model at the moment is the CRF450X which costs around $7299. No, these are not cheap, but if you are one of the many who enjoy the off road life, these bikes might just be for you.

Yamaha dirt bikes.

YAMAHA YZ250 YZ 250 yamma pit bike motoX

Yamaha: So really which is best? Dirt bikes or motocross motobikes?

Yamaha has been in the business for several years and one of their more popular dirt bikes happens to be the YZ450F which is more than capable of providing 450cc, and even features titanium shock springs.

It is a bit expensive, but for those who are serious about their riding, this is definitely the way to go. Younger riders might enjoy the YZ250 or even the YZ85.

These are half the price and are well designed for those who are just learning.

Kawasaki MX.

Kawasaki The KX250 motobike dirtbike used

Kawasaki: The KX250 certainly fits the bill when it comes to motocross, especially considering that this model is a four-stroke single with DOHC and four valves.

The fuel injection system features a 43 mm Keihin throttle body along with a displacement of 249c.

As you can see the question of which is best? Dirt bikes or motocross motobikes? Is not one that is easily answered when it comes to determining what are the top 3 used motocross motobikes.

Buying your dirt bike used can actually save you quite a bit of money, and you can buy used dirt bikes by simply checking online for the top 3 used motocross motobikes or even visiting a dealership.

The choices are nearly unlimited, as you are going to discover, and soon enough you will be well on your way to a promising motocross career!

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