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Transworld Motocross - Best Dirt Biking Magazines In the Industry.

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Dirt biking is, by far, one of the most thrilling sports in the history of mankind primarily because of the level of action, skill and risks that are involved.

Any dirt biker who gets down onto the dirt track on his dirt bike knows that his life could be sacrificed if he makes but one simple mistake.

In fact, even the fans of dirt biking know the level of risks that these sportsmen and entertainers run every time they get on the bike to compete. This level of emotional involvement simply means that whether you are a fan or a rider, once hooked you cannot be away from the sport for too long.

Unfortunately, as the world of dirt biking is one that is ever changing, it is virtually impossible for any fan to stay connected to this world all the time.

This is why most dirt biking fans make sure that they have access to current dirt biking magazines like Transworld Motocross, RacerX, Motocross Action and many more.

However, in order to truly get the right information about the dirt biking world, it is important to know the qualities and flaws of all these magazines.

Transworld Motocross, like the other mentioned magazines, is one of the better ones. The reason why this magazine is so popular amongst fans is that it is regarded as one of the more worthwhile magazines in the industry.

Let your motocross tires cool for a moment, and become a bookworm.

motocross tires motocross bike

It is also worth noting that this is a magazine that is rich in terms of technical knowledge, tips and advice to the budding rider.

However, if Transworld Motocross is not technical enough for you then you could also try Dirt Bike which is widely regarded as highly technical.

Alternatively, if you are not a person who is looking for technical knowledge and instead wants to know about the happenings in the motocross world, then RacerX is highly recommended.

RacerX looks to cater to people who are less interested in the technical aspects of motocross racing and resultantly ends up in not being a great help to budding or amateur racers. However, for the casual fan of the sport of dirt biking who finds Transworld Motocross too detailed in terms of technology and recommendations, RacerX is a great read.

Another reason why many dirt biking fans like RacerX is that it is less advertisement based when compared against other magazines.

Motocross action magazine.

Another magazine that is known widely amongst the fans is Motocross Action, even though the reviews from fans are quite mixed in nature. While some rate the magazine as the best of the lot in the industry, others say that it tends to focus a lot on advertisements.

Another criticism that Motocross Action has received from people is that it has a bias towards Yamaha and ignores all other competitors. Even so, the popularity of this magazine has been high which is worth noticing.

Your choice of which magazine to subscribe to would depend entirely on your personal preferences. As explained above, while technical knowledge is heavy in Transworld Motocross, the current happenings are better covered by RacerX and Motocross Action and can probably be regarded as a balanced mix of technical knowledge, ad content and even event coverage.

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