Travis pastrana double backflip

Travis pastrana nitro circus fame n’ more.

Travis Pastrana Double Backflip - travis pastrana in a wheelchair?

travis pastrana double backflip

Travis Alan Pastrana is a stunt performer and motorsports competitor. He has won X Games gold medals and championships in a number of events, including rally racing, freestyle motocross, motocross and supercross.

He is also well known for his Travis Pastrana Double Backflip.

He also runs his own show called Nitro Circus together with some of his friends. Michael Waltrip, team owner of NASCAR, has partnered with Pastrana to merge as Pastrana-Waltrip Racing.

He will be driving the Boost Mobile Toyota Camry #99 for seven races during the NASCAR Nationwide Series.

Out of all Pastrana's endeavors at extreme sports, most of his talent lies with FMX. Travis has raced a lot of events by fusing midair acrobats like his Travis Pastrana Double Backflip with an aggressive racing tempo which has proved to be an absolute winning combination. And, the crowd loves it.

He was always successfully winning a Motocross race as well as always winning an FMX competition that he happened to enter. He entered the Gravity Games in 2002 and was a crowd favorite to get a win. He crashed out though, after attempting his Superman Seat Grab Backflip.

Travis pastrana x games.

travis pastrana nitro circus travis pastrana poster

Travis had entered the 2002 Gravity Games and was, like usual, the favorite to win but after attempting a Superman Seat Grab Backflip he crashed out.

This was the start of many concussions in his FMX career. Travis came 2nd to Nate Adams that year, ending his undefeated FMX streak in any event. The next year Travis won both X Games and Gravity Games. In 2004 he lost his 1st X-Games FMX Event.

Travis was performing his 360 and unfortunately crashed in his qualifying round.

In the finals the next day he could not compete at Nate Adam's level and walked off with a silver medal. Before this FMX event, he had come 3rd performing his One Handed 360 in their Best Trick contest.

In 2004 Travis debuted at the Red Bull X Fighters and won this event. It would be the last time he would successfully perform a 360.

In 2005 Travis attempted his Barspin Backflip at the X Games during their Best Trick contest. His bike broke right in half, though. He then returned on his regular bike and performed the Saran Wrap Backflip to a No Hander Lander, and grabbed a well-deserved silver medal. Travis by this time had given up on his 360.

2006 was his most successful year in FMX. The X-Fighters Series was won by him followed by the 3 Gold Medal at the X Games. Two of these were from FMX. Travis went all out in their Best Trick contest, and performed his first competition Travis Pastrana Double Backflip with a faultless landing. Travis scored a 98. Only one judge failed to give him a score of 100.

Travis competed in a few Dew Tour events in 2006 and won. 2007 was his final year of FMX. Subaru pressured him in focusing on Rally. Travis did compete though, and became the X Fighters Champ for the second year running.

To this day he competes in Speed and Style. Travis is retired from FMX riding, but is still certainly not afraid in performing a Travis Pastrana double back flip for his fans. Now I want a travis pastrana poster of that move!

Travis pastrana double back flip XGames 2006 - Big Air X Games

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