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A used kawasaki dirt bike – the good, the bad an the darn right ugly.

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When in the market for a motocross motorcycle, should you even consider the used Kawasaki dirt bike?

Kawasaki has been producing quality products for over a century (since 1896), and quality motorcycles for about half a century (since 1961). That experience has helped Team Kawasaki to win several of the world's most prestigious motorcycle races, including:

  • 125cc World Championship
  • 250cc World Championship
  • 350cc World Championship
  • AMA 125 MX Championship
  • AMA 125 East SX Championship
  • AMA 125 West SX Championship
  • AMA Superbike Championship
  • World Superbike Championship
  • Kawasaki motorcycles for sale.

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    If you're on a shoestring budget or simply want to save some lettuce, cabbage, dough, or bread-then consider buying a used Kawasaki motocross model.

    Here are some helpful tips for choosing the right motorcycle at the right price:

    1. Take the motorcycle for a spin

    This is arguably just as important when shopping for a used Kawasaki dirt bike, as when shopping for a new model. Yes, this task could be difficult if the motorcycles on sale are on the other side of the country (or the world).

    But whenever possible, you should definitely try to test-drive a motorcycle before signing your name on the dotted line. Even after reading the various specs for a model, and seeing various photos of it-there's no substitute for discovering how well the motorcycle handles.

    2. Ask about official documents

    Before choosing one of the used Kawasaki dirt bikes on the market, ask about what official documents are available for it. That includes the original warranty, repair receipts, emissions test results, and so on. Such receipts are key for used motorcycles, and especially if they've had multiple owners.

    The documents will tell a story of sorts about the Kawasaki motocross unit. Before choosing a particular used motorcycle, you need to know if repair work has been done on it-and especially if that's included the replacement of major parts such as the engine. Without a paper trail of official documents, even detailed records won't give you an accurate picture of the motorcycle's history.

    3. Shop around

    It's just as important when shopping for a used Kawasaki dirt bike, as when shopping for new models. The Miracles got it right when they suggested in 1960 that we "Shop Around" before making any purchase.

    That includes used Kawasaki motocross motorcycles. While you should certainly compare at least three prices for a certain model, whenever possible you should compare prices from several more stores. Indeed, "You can always find a better price," and that's certainly true when shopping for motorcycles.

    4. Determine what repairs are needed

    It's highly advisable to have a mechanic conduct a full inspection of a motorcycle, before you decide to buy it. This will help to detect if any repairs are needed, giving you some leverage when negotiating the motorcycle's price.

    5. Physically examine the motorcycle

    You should take this step before buying a used Kawasaki dirt bike. Some of the most important parts to check are the engine, wheels, and brakes. Use a flashlight for hard-to-see parts on the bike. An often overlooked component is the odometer. Verify that previous owners haven't manually turned it back.

    Yes, picture galleries are helpful when motorcycles are advertised online. But physically examining a motocross model before buying it will give you a better picture of its condition.

    Let’s say the kawasaki motorcycle seat on a kawasaki klx 250 is all torn, will that stop you from buying the pitbike? Possibly not, but that depends on how much a spare might cost.

    Many kawasaki usa riders love kawasaki quads – and that could be another alternative to an mx bike. A kawasaki Canada dealer or an American store can offer advice on what to buy; plus online you should be able to find a kawasaki dealer locator for your local area.

    Finally don’t forget that all important kawasaki motor bike insurance – it’s the one thing that most riders DO forget, until they’ve bought the bike that’s broke the budget.

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