Used Yamaha Dirt Bike

For years, the used Yamaha dirt bike has sped ahead of the competition, becoming one of the leading and most respected names in Motorcross.

Used Yamaha Dirt Bike

Whether you're a Motorcross enthusiast or a professional, Yamaha's motor company division has a line of dirt bikes for you.

The used Yamaha's dirt bike series are many, and to the newcomer, can become a bit frustrating. For the young rider, Yamaha offers the PW50 starter dirt bike. The PW50 has a single gear, automatic transmission, so that your child can focus on learning how to ride, rather than shifting gears and going faster. Also, the drive shaft is fully enclosed, and takes little or no maintenance to upkeep.

For the dirt bike enthusiast who also uses his motorcycle to travel or commute, there's the XT225 Dual. This used Yamaha dirt bike will also double as a street bike, and is affordable. Most importantly, it's street-legal.

A used Yamaha dirt bike can be one that you begin with. The benefits of a used Yamaha dirt bike is the fact that in most cases you can purchase it for a fraction of the cost. This saves a bit of money for the rest of the dirt bike necessities! You can always graduate up to brand new at a later date.

Used Yamaha Dirt Bike

Cutting Edge

Yamaha also leads in development of professional level dirt bikes that are used and endorsed in competition. The ground breaking YZ426F took what was the best of the YZ400F series, which had the title of 'Bike of the Year' five years running, and improved upon it. This became an even better division of Yamaha dirt bike, and claimed, once again, the 'Bike of the Year' title. Since then, Yamaha has not forgotten how to re-invent it's products, and continues to re-invent the dirt bike. Only a truly durable and innovative off road motorcycle earns the title of being a Yamaha dirt bike.

Whether you're looking to start your child off with a dirt bike, or perhaps getting a new one for yourself, Yamaha has a safe, durable and affordable dirt bike that's perfect for you!

Yamaha dirt bikes

A yamaha dirt bike is the ultimate bike. The yamaha dirt bikes are about the most popular motocross bikes next to KTM. There are tons of yamaha dirt bike parts in online stores and competitively priced too. If you like to get oily a bike dirt vintage yamaha might be just the ride for you as well.

yamaha dirt bike

A clean 80cc dirt bike or a 50cc bike dirt mini moto doesn’t have to be an expensive new motocross dirt bike. A used yamaha dirt bike motor bike can be a fine rocks and soil blaster for a supercross festival or any motorcycle dirt bike race.

A yamaha motor bike London advert or a bike dirt ebay motor Yamaha for sale can make a cost effective buy. Come with us to find the best dirt bike store choices and select supercross classifieds that should get you that cheap dirt bike for sale., can turf up dirt bike parts and accessories plus quality motor bike yamaha part items – but you have to visit regularly.

We need some weekend warrior supercross bikes, so what did we get? A 04 YZ450F Yamaha used dirt bike motor ride for $2800. This fighter x type pitbike comes with some of the best motor bike plastics and a paddle dirt tire.

What next in our dirt search? Well was our next stop. Up cropped a yamaha 1984 250cc (a vintage bike motor super ride) selling for $1,000. This could look excellent in some classic supercross finals and the advert picture motor bike image was clear and looked the part. This Yamaha has a shaft drive and electric start light, but needs a kick lever to cover the kind of soil on most dirtbike circuits.

Bike dirt vintage yamaha, has a wealth of dirt gear, for riding on the best soil trails. What did we find? A Yamaha 450 was up at $3,800. With loads of accessory parts supercross bits – such as Custom plastics, and a piped & filtered, paddle.

bike dirt vintage yamaha

Or would you enjoy riding a Yamaha ttr230 priced to sell at $1,499. The motor bike information on the ad showed the rider had lost interest and a fine bargain for some supercross dirt bike riders wanting to get into the sport. was our last stop to find out about dirt bikes (Yamaha enduros anyways). Finding a number of kid motor bikes, but a Children’s Yamaha PW80 Motocross bike for £400, leapt out. This bike has had the full benefit of a rebuild and should give any rider some soil cover over rugged circuits.

Still on preloved a Yamaha DT125R was going for £395. The off road moto had been a damaged write off, coming with new motocross tyres it needs to be inspected and a good mechanic could bring this off road moto back to life.

Even an ebay motor dirt bike online advert should not be discounted. All these ads are cheaper than a manufacturer bike dealer motor trader would sell for – but do be aware these bikes come with no warrantee. The downside of a used Yamaha Dirt Bike.

Yamaha YZ250 - 2 stroke Motocross Comparison

Yamaha YZ450F Motocross Dirt Bike Comparison

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