Used Yamaha dirtbikes

Yamaha motorcycles - top bikes.

Used Yamaha dirtbikes are one of the most bought motocross bikes due to their reliability, and excellent value for money.

used yamaha dirt bikes yamaha motorcycles

Yamaha have been producing motorcycles since the 1950's, and although it only had a 125cc engine it was an amazing piece of craftsmanship.

The YA-1 won its first ever race, and encouraged Yamaha to produce the next engine size up in 1969. Although Yamaha produce many road bikes, their dirt bikes are some of the best models available.

The Yamaha dirt bike is available in many different styles, designs, and colors to suit every need, and taste. Choosing the right dirt bike can seem like a challenge, however if you fully understand the different bikes available it can become easier.

Used Yamaha dirtbikes are ideal for people starting out in the sport, experienced riders who want a back up bike, or mechanic enthusiasts that want something to work on. Whatever your reason for choosing the Yamaha dirt bike you will never feel disappointed.

Although the last decade has seen many changes within the motocross industry Yamaha have remained true to what they believe in. They are the only Japanese company that still imports small engine motocross bikes to the US.

This style of dirt bike has always been popular, and is still one of the top selling bikes today. Low engine size is incredibly important when looking for the ideal motocross bike.

Powerful bikes have no place on the rough terrain that motocross tracks produce, and will be a hindrance rather than a help. The Yamaha YZ125 ranks as one of the most popular used Yamaha dirtbikes to be purchased due to its incredible price, and ease of maintenance.

Yamaha motorcycle parts, and the yamaha service manual.

yamaha motorcycle parts yamaha service manual

Although you may expect some problems with used dirt bikes this Yamaha is very reliable, and take very little effort to maintain. The center of gravity is excellent with this model of dirt bike, and everything is positioned perfectly.

As with all dirt bikes the tires are the perfect size, and are durable to withstand the rough terrain. The gas tank is tucked up higher to avoid damage from debris, and the overall feel of the bike is very robust.

Motocross is a tough sport, and needs to have the right style of bike to withstand the punishment it will take on the track. Although you may think that purchasing used Yamaha dirtbikes is a bad idea you will be surprised what great condition they will be in.

Although used Yamaha dirt bikes are very affordable they do hold their price due to them remaining in good condition. You will need to decide on your budget before looking at the different bikes available, and decide exactly what you want to use it for.

If it is going to be your main ride on the tracks it will need to be in good condition both mechanically, and cosmetically.

Everyone expects motocross bikes to have some wear and tear; however, they do still need to be in a good state. There are many things to look out for when shopping for your bike, and if you are unsure you should take an expert with you.

Once you have the right used Yamaha dirtbikes for your needs it will be no time at all before you are enjoying the thrill of the motocross track.

It’s worth keeping a record of your yamaha motorcycle serial numbers & yamaha motorcycle vin numbers – so when your needing spares for your yamaha dt 125 – you’ll have the exact information to give to the spares store guy.

For instance when you see a yamaha atv for sale like the yamaha yfm50 ; and you buy it and get it home only to find in the extras that come with the pitbike, you have a repair manual yamaha yz 250 book.

It’s better to find that type of thing out straight away (and buy a new manual), than have a busted shock and race day is tomorrow!

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