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When shopping for a four-wheeled ATV, Yamaha (and yamaha atv parts) might be all the Japanese you need to know. Not only is Yamaha one of the world's top producers of motorcycles, but it also produces a quality line of ATVs, including four-wheeled "Quads."

Yamaha: Company History

Yamaha was founded in 1887, as is named after its founder-Torakusu Yamaha. Interestingly, the company first manufactured pianos and organs, rather than yamaha atv parts. The company's original name was the "Japan Musical Instrument Manufacturing Corporation." Have you ever wondered about the symbolism of Yamaha's logo? It actually represents meshing tuning forks, which shows the company's musical roots.

After World War II, the company transferred its knowledge about musical instruments' metals, to the manufacturing of motorcycles. Yamaha's first motorcycle was the YA-1, or the "Red Dragonfly."

Although the company only built 125 units of the model, it dawned the era of Yamaha motorized vehicles. In 1980, Yamaha's first three-wheeled ATV (YT125) was available in the USA. If you need to buy yamaha atv parts, you'd likely be interested in knowing that Yamaha's first four-wheeled ATV (YFM200) was sold in the USA in 1984.

Yamaha Quad ATV Models

Here are some of the Quad ATV models available from Yamaha, which will require yamaha atv parts:

  • Grizzly 125
  • Grizzly 350
  • Grizzly 450
  • Grizzly 550
  • Grizzly 700-FI
  • Rhino 700-FI
  • YZF-450R
  • Read some of the better atv magazines on sale today, which will help in deciding which specific ATV will suit your riding style.

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    Yamaha Replacement Parts

    If you own a Yamaha Quad ATV, then it's highly likely that you'll eventually need to purchase yamaha atv parts, Here are some factors to consider when shopping for such parts:

    *Grade: "You get what you pay for." While the adage doesn't always apply in life, it generally does when buying replacement ATV parts for your Yamaha Quad. Expect to spend more for high-grade replacement parts.

    *Newness: As a general rule, you should choose new parts over used ones. When buying used replacement parts for your Yamaha Quad ATV, you run the risk of the parts breaking soon-which could ultimately make your ATV riding less safe and reliable. Even if you need to buy pricey replacement parts such as engines, purchasing a new unit would be a wise investment if you plan on keeping the ATV for an extended time.

    *Price: When purchasing parts for your Quad ATV, make sure to buy original replacement parts from Yamaha. Sure, you could save money by purchasing imitation parts.

    But the main problem with such parts is that they'll likely be of inferior quality. As a result, you could end up with unwanted repairs, or the need to replace the parts days or weeks after purchasing them. Both situations can be avoided by purchasing original Yamaha replacement parts.

    *Sets: Sometimes you can find entire sets of parts or tools for your Yamaha Quad ATV. While the sets will cost more than single pieces, they provide much more value than the latter option. So you should definitely consider investing in sets when buying replacement ATV parts and tools.

    *Shipping: Shipping is a particularly important issue when shopping online. Larger parts will be heavier, and will thus have higher shipping costs. In that situation you might want to consider buying your Yamaha ATV parts from an offline store instead. The cost would likely be the minimum fuel costs of getting to the store, and then back home.

    *Durability: Some stores offer discount atv tires simply because they are non-branded. If that’s good enough for your ATV, then you have bought atv tires cheap.

    If however you require more from your atv tires and wheels then it’s not a good buy. And the same goes for all your other spares – it’s no good purchasing bits from atv salvage yards – should you be competing in a long and gruelling competition. Think of how much punishment your ATV will be taking, before committing to a buy.

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