Ama supercross tickets

Tickets - the minefield of buying em'

The buying of ama supercross tickets and motocross tickets is now second only to nascar as an American pursuit. Super cross tickets are literally sold by the thousand for eager fans wishing to see their favourite riders this season.

AMA Super-cross Tickets

supercross tickets buying tips

Getting AMA Supercross tickets at discount prices might require that you search or sign up for the services of a buyer/seller website.

Of course, when you purchase the tickets ahead of time either online, by phone or in person, it's a guarantee you'll have a seat and at a price normally cheaper than purchasing the tickets at the gate the day of the race.

Several websites function like eBay without the bidding. The sellers list the price they want for their tickets and you set a buyer alert to receive a notification when one of the tickets sell in your price range. and offer this type of service for internet users.

The site secures the tickets from the seller and then makes the delivery to you. There's no second-guessing about whether you'll receive them, they offer a guarantee to the purchaser. offers similar services.

The problem with the last two websites is that someone has to sell the tickets first. In many cases, you won't find tickets for the event you want since the sites are still developing and sellers don't use them that often.

In order to guarantee ticket purchase, you'll find AMA Supercross tickets at, the outlet for, the official website of AMA Supercross. These tickets are cheaper than purchasing them at the gate or buying them from sites such as The benefit of is that you select the exact area where you want to sit. At, you simply guess based on the price of the ticket.

When purchasing tickets from an individual online or from an unfamiliar website, you always have to be careful. There are too many opportunists looking for a chance to make money without delivering the goods. That's why finding a legitimate ticket outlet is important. No matter how cheap the tickets are, if you don't get delivery of legitimate tickets, you've wasted your money.

More Ticket info.

Buying ama supercross tickets to see a dirt bike performance in all its glory and dirt bike riders perform to their limits does carry risks.

how to buy supercross SX tickets the right way

You might be considering ebay, (which of course feedback is everything), but your still not sure if your supercross tickets will arrive.

Horror stories abound of people being asked to turn up outside stadiums and looking for a guy called "dave" who will have your tickets in hand.

You of course will avoid this, so security in buying supercross tickets is everything. We found a couple of sites - Hallmark tickets is an AMA Supercross ticket broker, and is part of the National Association of ticket brokers so they are genuine. However be aware all prices are in US dollars and all sales are final, there are NO refunds, cancellations or exchanges.

Supercross ticket stores

The bigger websites offering years of SX & dirt bike information, often have their own preferred ticket store.

Also you don’t have to buy them, maybe this is a thought. A firm called Independent viagogo ticket exchange gives a ticket guarantee; you can rest assured that your transaction will be 100% safe and secure. Here you can exchange tickets for ones you don’t want to ones you do! - but we would urge some reading up on this method to see if it is suitable for your own situation.

purchasing dirt bike tickets from good sites

Being the internet; websites that spring up selling SX racing tickets can be fly-by-night operations.

You can always go to the WHOis register and see how old the website is? it doesnt always guarantee YOUR tickets for SX stadium events are genuine, but at least you'll know if they were only setup last week! Forums can be helpful, and if feedback is bad avoid the ticket site completely there are many more.

We found a number of sites to buy ama supercross tickets from -

All offering supercross tickets. But always buy on the edge of caution; we still can’t verify any of these sites 100%. So order some cheap tickets first and if all goes well - then buy more costly ones. Take your time – never buy in haste the sharks are out there.

Ama supercross plans

Ama supercross events are all over the usa, and they visit all the great stadiums. An event will be near you, so do ensure you’re informed on this years schedule so you can plan ahead and get a good ticket.

When you’re at a stadium don’t forget to pick up some souvenirs, maybe even an autograph or two. Drink in the atmosphere and take a camera too!

Ama supercross ticket buying tips


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