Baja dirt bike

The Baja adventure starts

A baja dirt bike is an ideal motorbike to have on the dirt and dust tracks in your local area. These are indeed sturdy bikes with superb grip and power for any demanding bikers.

baja motocross mini dirt bike

The baja bike can be in a rough and tumble environment for most of its life, so ensure you know its in good working order before you buy one.

Its worth spending your time to track down a good baja bike buy, wether it be a new one or a second hand option.

Take extra care buying used as these bikes may need a lot of work if they are damaged badly, and you may not know until you’ve parted with your money - so take along an expert.

Ok so what is a baja dirt bike ? Well the most famous one is a Honda XR650R Baja bike; they look awsome well balanced bikes. They are designed for off-roading, and enhancements can be limited due to their design and functionality.

baja dirt bike

The great thing about the baja dirt bike is they are cheap, like the baja dr 70 dirt bike so adults and kids can ride on them, with fat grippy tyres and strong frames you'll surprise yourself.

One cool bike is the Baja Warrior 90cc pitbike, a 4-stroke with an auto four speed. Hydraulic brakes and rear shock suspension too. This bike is built as a kick-start, but has a rugged rear swing arm.

You can also go for the Baja DR125, which as the description would show it has much more power. In fact a 124 cc four-stroke, kicking out 9 hp. The auto clutch and telescopic hydraulic forks should make you feel at home, and included is a mono-shock rear suspension and dirtbike swing arm for those very heavy tracks.

Dirt bike jumps n’ holidays

These small muscular bikes, are equally at home on wooded trails or purpose built pitbike tracks. You'll need all your dirt bike gear on as well, as reports of those riders underestimating the baja bikes, come back with cuts and bruises.

The baja dirt bike is not street legal either, unless the seller specifically has adapted the baja ride, so dont get yourself in trouble with the local law.

dirt bike dealers

One final thing we should mention when someone is talking about baja riding, you can go on holiday to the Baja Peninsula. Firms offer tailor made weeks of adventure riding dirtbikes to your hearts desire. If you do decide to go off-road, dont forget insurance should an accident happen.

Plus be sure they know how skilled you are, and what support you'll get should you break down. So either buy a baja bike, or just go baja riding on a pit bike adventure.

Dirt bike graphics

Taking care of your bike over dirt bike jumps must be done. Your bike will take some abuse, so have a list of cheap dirt bike dealers for great fitting spares ready.

Even some cool dirt bike graphics would be an ideal addition to your pit bike, if your doing this regularly on your baja bike.

dirt bike graphics


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