Cheap dirt bike helmets

Watch your lid - MX rider.

Buying cheap dirt bike helmets can be a risky business. If buying used you need to make sure the helmet hasn’t been damaged, or painted in a way that has ruined the integrity of the helmet itself.

This could be very dangerous, so always go for the best helmet you can buy. Many stores do however run sales or discount offers and you can pick up new helmets for less money, this is ideal.

Also you can be sure of getting a correctly fitted helmet, something that can be hard to do buying used ones from ebay or other classified adverts. Helmets are important so bag a bargain, never buy junk.

cheap dirt bike helmets

With the amount of dirt bike helmets retailers on the internet, it’s a problem where to begin. Where can I buy a cheap dirt bike helmet? We had a scout about and came up with some great places to buy anything from a kid dirt bike helmet to a custom dirt bike helmet.

Our first port of call was They are the largest Airoh motocross helmet stockist & Sidi Motocross boot stockist in the U.K. So plenty of choice, and they send items worldwide ! So no problem if you’re in America. Also take a dip into their helmet dirt bike sales, which should save you a few dollars.

Now for some discount dirt bike helmets or a cheap dirt bike helmet for sale, we come to ebay. We found some bargain helmets dirt bike riders would love. For instance, a MX Helmet Pit Dirt Bike Scrambler w/ FREE Goggles for £39, and a "Kylin" Motocross Helmet for Dirt Bike & Quads for £22! This latter helmet has an adjustable visor and is DoT approved and meets ISO9001 standard (and you want to be sure any other helmet you buy meets these requirements too).

Or offers 2009 Troy Lee SE2 Helmets, for £329, now that’s not cheap we know, but they are a brilliant youth dirt bike helmet.

A dirt bike helmet

Then we saw another great deal on A 2009 Fly Youth Kinetic Helmet for : $85. This was during a sale of course, but they have plenty more on throughout the year. Kinetic Fly helmets are DOT, ECE, and AS APPROVED, and have a poly alloy shell, plus a removable liner and vents.

Now if you want a helmet like the pro's then the 2008 Shoei V-MT Status Helmet will be your ideal, not cheap at : $390, but slyfox sell them at : $371 - now thats not a bad saving.

kid dirt bike helmet

To wrap up we took a look over at, who offer some grand deals on cheap dirt bike helmets, and we seen a MADHEAD X1B Motocross Helmet, which is ECE 22-05 safety certified, and a HELD 7810 Takato Enduro Helmet for £79. Prices might vary due to seasonal sales, but these stores have big inventories so can pass the discounts onto you.

Looking through these websites and ebay your sure to buy your favourite, hjc dirt bike helmet or maybe your not worried about brand and just require a pink dirt bike helmet for your daughter?

Whatever the case, these are some of the best cheap dirt bike helmets we have seen on our travels.

Youth dirt bike helmet

Tracking a dirt bike helmet down thats cheap but you can rely on is critical. Used helmets such as a youth dirt bike helmet or even a kid dirt bike helmet, should be selected with care.

If its an unwanted "boxed" present that’s ideal, but a dirt bike helmet that’s been painted or resprayed by the owner should be left well alone as fine unseen cracks within it (from the paints solvents) - could be lethal if you need it in a crash.

youth dirt bike helmet


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