Cheap mini bikes

"Mini" Bargains everywhere

There are numerous adverts for cheap mini bikes , and they should be found quite easily.

Ebay is a good starting point and check out the classified adverts. Like many adverts read between the lines and see what information has been missed out.

If it’s something important, be sure and ask the seller questions. Many cheap mini-bikes have been used, so definitely make sure you’re not buying a really heavily ridden one. As your repairs may cost you as much as the bike.

Take your time buying and pick and choose from what you need, do not spend on a bike that is very expensive and you may not use that often.

Cheap mini bikes

Where ever you go on the web there are cheap dirt bikes for sale and come to that cheap dirt bike parts too.

With lots of mini pocket dirt bike models around all vying for your attention, what should you buy? Well there are the great honda mini dirt bikes, reliable and fast, or the bike dirt electric mini motos, which are ideal for children.

Here are a couple of mini pocket dirt bikes, we have come across. The first one we sought out was the MonsterMoto SXF PRO 140 / 160. The priority for this bike is quality and performance. With a 140cc large 27/23 mm big valved head engine and 4 Speed transmission, its sure to make the cut on the track. It also has a 26mm Mikuni race carb, 33mm race exhaust system and race ignition so ideal for any track days.

Heavy duty chain drive and a CNC 3 Piece NON Welded Swing arm makes this an ideal competition ride. Enova tyres plus top quality 3M factory monster graphics kit (including number plate graphic), combine to make this on your final list of cheap mini bikes choices.

A Mini bike catalog of moto's

We also checked out Pit Bikes UK, who offer some great cheap dirt mini motos. From £339.00, you can have a 125cc Pro Dirt Bike, which offers larger wheels for far better grip.

On the website they offer the Cheapest 110cc Pit Bike in the UK for only £319 and a top spec 125cc Pro-Pit Bike for only £329 plus a 125cc Pro-Dirt Bike at only £339 all these cheap mini bikes come with an electric ignition too. Certainly worth short listing these dirt bike mini models.

cheap mini pocket bike

Another place on the web for a fast mini dirt bike, at slightly more money is the "All Bike Stomp" dirtbikes mini pit bike with 110cc, 125cc, 140cc, and 150cc engines. The models you may want to turn your attention to are - The STOMP 110cc FXJ ONLY £349 then there is the SUPERSTOMP 110cc Only £423 and finally the SUPERSTOMP 140cc Only £518.

The cheap mini bikes in this range have chunky MX tyres, improved rear shock & swing arm and lightweight front & rear brake systems plus vented disk brakes. All bikes appear to have engine bash plates, super-tough SDG wheels hubs & trick SDG wavey disks. The company have been on endurance races with the stomp bikes and have proved themselves in the actual dirt- so the price of all this pedigree comes in at Only £349. - not bad you'll agree.

Exploring further the gumtree website offered up a 140CC Mighty Mini Pit Bike for £250. 4 speed transmission but no brakes! With used mini dirt bikes there are absolute bargains, if you have the time and energy to get handy with the spanners. Although primarily its a childs bike, daudbikes offer up a 49cc mini dirt bike motor bike for only £150. They have an air cooled 49cc two stroke engine, front and rear disc brakes, and quality build. With a pull start and travelling at a speed of 45mph .........maybe it isn’t a childs bike after all!

To conclude the day, we hit ebay for some cheap mini bikes and found a brilliant pit quad minimoto, for £109.95. Yes it was a seasonal sale of course, but with a 49cc engine and all new 8 spoke Alloys - Uprated Chrome Gearbox -Uprated Sports Metal Footpegs - K&N Style Performance Air Filter - Chrome performance TWIN exhaust -Metal Pull Start - Uprated Sports Chain - All New Upside Down Forks - Full Safety chain guard fitted, where else would you find a great bike for sale. And while you’re on ebay dont forget that cheap dirt bike gear to accessorize yourself and your bike.

So we found some great deals out there, and hopefully this will give you too some starting points.

An Ebay mini bike

Cheap mini pocket bike ads are dotted about in your local area. Have a look for a dirt bike ebay mini moto for instance.

Maybe your even looking for really cheap mini bike choppers, but always stay focused on your own personal ideal bike. If you do buy a mini-moto don’t forget to look though the mini bike part catalog on ebay for cheap spares as well.

bike ebay mini

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