Cheap used 125cc dirt bikes

125cc Power - Can you handle it?

Cheap used 125cc dirt bikes can be bought, but being specific to an engine make does lower your choices.

However take a look at low priced imports such as the Chinese models. Some of these now are quite sturdy and give excellent power and ride. They handle as good as some of the more expensive brands, but they do have limits as do many cheap used 125cc dirt bikes.

For the dedicated rider a cheap bike maybe a used bike, and go for well known makes such as Honda or Yamaha etc. Used bikes make an excellent bargain but check condition and that everything is working fine as repairs can be costly.

cheap used 125cc dirt bikes

Your search for cheap used 125cc dirt bikes should turn up lots of gems and some junk too. The incredible bargains of a used yamaha dirt bike and a used kawasaki dirt bike give impressive savings for most of us. Of course the drawback is the used dirt bike motor, has it been thrashed? Has it been looked after? A dirt bike used advert on a website doesn’t show this, so you have to be careful.

Being specific in finding used 125cc dirt bikes, should give you enough makes and models to drill down to what you truly desire. Don’t be too pig-headed either perhaps YOU see an 85cc bike? This 85cc dirt bike used moto is an absolute bargain and just ideal for you - if so get it! you can change the rules if it’s close enough to what you require. Some websites will allow you to buy a used dirt bike in california, (using a location search) - while others will let you find a used kawasaki dirt bike part as well as the bike. Used parts really are "buyer beware", so do have a cool head when buying used spares - some are bargains but used brake parts are a no-no on any cheap used 125cc dirt bikes.

Our first stop on the web was at Finding a non branded used 125 dirt bike (although it did specify japanese?), and that their child had just lost interest in the sport. So the 125cc MX bike "dirt moto" was selling for £350, not bad for a 2-stroke, and those that like bargaining might get this price nearer £300!

125cc dirt bike for sale

Ebay then called us for some cheap used 125cc dirt bikes, where a smart 125cc Dirt Bike was on offer for £350. It was in fact a 125cc 4 stroke air cooled dirt bike, with a kick start and hydraulic disc brakes. There were of course lots of Japanese branded bikes for considerably more money, and even some new 125cc dirt bike stores were advertising heavily during the seasonal period (great time for cheap dirt bikes). So just because your looking at a used dirt bike on ebay, don’t expect the old model to be better value, some new bikes certainly kept pace with prices.

cheap 125cc dirt bike

Within, there was a Pit bike pro 125cc ride. This model boasted of a 125cc 4 Stroke aircooled 4 geared engine. With speeds produced of up to 60mph, upside down front forks & adjustable rear shock - but one fatal mistake - no price! (Or we couldn’t find one anyway), so we'll never know if its a cheap used 125cc dirt bikes moto? can be a useful source of preloved dirt bikes and cheap used 125cc dirt bikes, and is ideal for drilling down on local areas. We found a few bikes locally but the frustration of finding no pics and even no prices made us leave the website after a short while. We are sure there might be better adverts out there, but for our local area the adverts were all too brief in their descriptions and so unlike eBay adverts - which is a great pity.

Next on our list for cheap used 125cc dirt bikes was, which had the amazing Akuma Assassin 125cc Pit Bike. For those of you who are familiar with this new or used atv motorbike and dirt bike, you know your in for a real treat. Excellent rear gas shock, with front and rear brakes and an engine that will reach speeds 95 kmph. It’s a 4 Stroke 125cc engine of course, including alloy exhaust and other accessories, to keep the bike light and strong. If you can get a used dirt bikes 125 Assassin, that hasn’t been abused - do so.

Motocross sites with real value.

Another website that might appeal is It kept cropping up on Google and we thought we'd take a look see. The site had much better descriptions (and pics) of rides for sale, so was for us a better experience than gumtree. Here we stumbled on a P Y/W 80 - 3 gear, 2 stroke semi auto for £165. Ideal for anyone over 12 years of age, and it did require the kick start looking at. Now as you can see here this isn’t a UK 125cc dirtbike "used" motor bike, but an 80 CC !

We never stick to hard and fast rules, so this model could be great for some new rider, and after all you can sell it and buy a 125cc later as an upgrade. If you’re into your racing weekends and your coach insists on a 125cc, well that's fair enough - but if you’re just rough riding on a field then don’t let these smaller cc dirtbikes slip through your fingers.

Finally was, a simple site for placing small ads. We looked at a 4 stroke dirt bike used model "Pit Bike" CDi 125cc for £70. A runner but the motor needed attention (this is a personal call, in how confident a mechanic you are - but if you are - wow will you find some excellent deals). And another 125CC Motocross bike, for £300 was available on adtrader. The owner had spent some money on his bike, so was obviously trying to get some cash back. Phone numbers are listed on this site, so it’s easy enough to call the owner and bargain hard.

But as you can see here buying a dirt bike used varies from a rider "up-grading" to buying a machine on its knees. Used Dirt bikes adverts vary so much in quality and description. So don’t jump in too early, find your way around these websites and get a feel of what suits you best first.

Yamaha 125cc dirt bike

Investing in a cheap 125cc dirt bike, is an ideal choice. You may decide to go for a branded 125cc Honda dirtbike or even the yamaha 125cc dirt bike. But you don’t have to go for top models most cheap used 125cc dirt bikes if maintained well should be ideal for your purposes.

yamaha 125cc dirt bike


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