Cool dirtbike stunts

The fall-guy - is it you?

Watching cool dirtbike stunts is of course interesting to all fans. The freestyle events are incredible venues for watching this type of sport. Some riders now perform the most unbelievable stunts, and you’re almost certain they will crash, but land safely. As you scratch you head and wonder how did they do that?

cool dirtbike stunts

Stadiums across the country now cater for these high profile evenings of spectacular performance. With such charismatic riders and nail biting jumps, and cool dirtbike stunts it’s impossible not to get excited while cheering on the biker with the crowd. Every fan must go along and see these amazing showmen if you get the chance.

Taking a look at some dirt bike tricks, is a fun way to spend an afternoon.

Catching dirt bike air, and perhaps even picking up some dirt bike trick tips make some of these vids invaluable to the novice rider.

Youtube offers lots of dirt bike crash clips and hints on dirt bike training too.

Don’t feel you have to be a dirt bikes usa superstar, on your atv bike dirt moto, ride dirt bikes responsibly and develop your skills.

When looking on the net for cool dirtbike stunts we took a browse at

Which has a cool video of Seth Enslow and his dirt bike jumping, look out for the crash in the sand. Another link we found was

Called Dirt Bike Stunts "hang time", filmed during the day and night, and shows some spectacular moves on pitbikes. If you’re still wanting more try this link -

Which shows lots of good riders doing amazing stuff. (Of course don’t try this at home).

Youtube of course has some excellent videos and we show some examples below:-

Motocross Stunts

Longest Motocross Bike Jump

Jump dirt bike rider

Now if all this has you excited, but you’re not keen on losing a limb, what about some free dirt bike games? It's dirt bike jumping but without the risk of injury!

dirt bike stunt

There’s tons of dirt bike games to play online, and one we came across was a dirt bike flash game called "Stunt Dirt Bike", from as the name suggests;

Its fairly self explanatory and you can use your keyboard arrow keys to get your vehicle over the many obsticles through onto the harder levels. It’s a great little stunt dirt bike online game, although the graphics are very simple.

So if you do enjoy an afternoon of dirt bike games and cool dirtbike stunts, don’t forget about these free flash dirt bike racing games and youtube.

Dirt bike crash clips

A jump dirt bike is fun and ideal for performing your dirt bike stunt of choice. If your good enough you may want to post your dirt bike video clip on youtube. But you don’t want to end up in the dirt bike crash clips category, so wear all your safety gear before trying any stunt. Or even better leave this to the pro’s and enjoy their achievements.

dirt bike crash clips


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