Custom mini bikes

Unique and yours n' yours alone.

Custom mini bikes like any other bike can be made your own. There are now lots of accessories that can be added to these bikes and the custom bikes scene has quite a following.

Accessories can vary from the vibrant colours and graphics of the cowling and other features that just improve the look of the bike. But if you wish to go further you can improve the engine and other major components, this is expensive however. Many bikers want to have custom mini motos to stand out from the crowd and look unique and who can blame them, just go easy on your pocket.

Custom mini bikes

It’s sometimes a good idea, to see what else is out there and what prices are available too. This often helps to find what is an overpriced motorized dirt bike or even an expensive custom dirt bike. We can’t guarantee a free dirt bike, but we should be able to dig out some cheap discount dirt bikes for you. Firstly we'll start with some non dirt bikes, which are on

The model that caught our eye was an XP 700 Watt Electric Pocket Bike, which includes a 700 watt motor which has very low volume, racing tires and front & rear vented disk brakes. The bike was priced at $274, and has a choice of colours. The design and shape does indeed look fine, with three 36 volt powerful batteries and a full faring design all included on this moto.

This store also offered orange dirt bike gloves, for sale at $23.80. So although they don’t sell 2 stroke dirt bikes primarily, these stores can be worth checking out for accesories. This also paid true as the same website sold DOT ATV Dirt Bike MX Kids Black G Motorcycle Helmets for $69.95 - with free shipping! A comfortable DOT approved motorcycle helmet should be on your shortlist whatever motorbike you might be riding.

Custom made mini bike choppers

Ebay of course was our next website, from a yellow dirt bike to a set of dirt bike training wheels anything and everything can be purchased. What about custom mini bikes? Immediately we came across a 125cc dirtbike, a 2008 model, which was brand new- for £345. Plus alongside this in the listings was a NEW KIDS 49CC 50CC 2 STROKE POCKET PIT mini dirt bike for £99 ! Which is amazing value. This was a buy it now price too, rather than the current bid. Both bikes were new - plus ebay turns up tons of atv and dirt bike parts, for your specific model too. Feedback of course is so important, so the seller with the highest feedback count must always be taken into account.

bike custom mini

Next on our journey was they are a specialist dirt bike store parts firm. They also offer parts for Japanese cruisers and some interest in Harley Davidson too. On this site we looked over a HIGHWAY HAWK Yamaha XV1600 (Wildstar Long Seat XV1600) for £140.15.

They are not exclusively selling dirtbikes, ( in fact - only some dirt bike aftermarket parts and accessories) but it looked a great site and anyone who has all kinds of motorcycles should certainly look through this cool website.

We then checked over As the name would imply this is Canada's premier mini bike dealer and offers lots of custom mini bikes. They have not only parts but sell the complete mini motos. Should you ask they offer customization items too, from body parts to paint-jobs. For an example we looked over a Full Fairing RSA for $509. This model had a 47cc Single Cylinder, 2 Stroke, Air Cooled engine, with Bolt on high strength swing arms. On this model its a Manual and a Hand Pull Start, with a Maximum Speed of 35 mph. With it being chain driven, it certainly looks the part and the store had plenty of other models for sale. With a great deal of choice and easy to navigate site we liked this website a lot.

Custom Motocross Decals for minibikes

What about Custom Motocross Decals, well type in they have tons of custom motocross graphics, helmet ID kits and custom motocross backgrounds.

Some parts of the website were under construction, but hopefully by the time you read this the store should be in full swing. Decals are an ideal present for a dirt bike birthday party, but if your buying full body kits ensure what you see in the MX bike "dirt" pic will fit your model of bike!

The final destination was at They have a great number of superb looking mini bikes, such as the 2008 Minibike, carrying a 49cc single cylinder, 2-stroke, air-cooled engine. The Model HC-113 at a price of £114.95 we liked the cost-savings.

With a manual start, front and rear disc brakes and a chain-driven system it’s sure to impress the rider and onlookers. The other bikes had similar spec and price, but were offered in other colours. With the low cost (but do check shipping prices), it certainly seemed a good deal.

The net is a cornucopia of custom mini bikes, in the dirt bike for sale and dirt bikes wanted adverts. Buying new does give you a warrantee (in most cases), but always check with the seller how far that warrantee goes once you have the bike and START customizing it further yourself!

A Custom mini bike frame

Most motor bike custom mini motos have enjoyed great popularity recently. If you want a custom bike perhaps start with a custom mini bike frame and build upon it (if you have the time/money, and want something truly unique). Some stores do offer custom made mini bike choppers ready made - if you have the cash and it fits your style. Whatever your choice these custom mini bikes will certainly get you noticed.

custom mini bike frame

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