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The build of good design motocross bikes has developed so well in recent years. A lot of the motocross and supercross news websites, always tell you of new models and up and coming developments from manufacturers. These great sites are worth subscribing to (as is any website that offers value), as you can find out about new tracks, new ideas and even accessories such as motocross gear bags.

design motocross

So you would like an original design motocross bike and maybe decals? Stores are now catering for every kind of dirt bike imaginable. From a 90cc dirt bike to a 150cc dirt bike to even a dirt bike engine part can be customized or made to your specific requirements. You often see this in dirt bike pic racing images, or the latest dirt bike from foreign manufacturers.

With so many dirt bikes around you can have so much choice it can be hard deciding on what to go for! For novice riders and entry level bikes the easiest way to design your 2 stoke dirt bikes are - decals or stickers. Anyone can apply a cc dirt bikes racing kit, from a dirt bike com store.

We check a few out for you.

Husqvarna Complete Graphics decal Kit

We took a look at firstly, and they offer custom colour combinations. That can really make your dirt bikes motorcycle stand out from the crowd. One sticker option is their 19 mil. Shroud Graphics, plus they have gas tank vinyl with breathable slits.

One option that impressed us was that there are no high costs for small custom design decals. Which is a big benefit to us dirtbikers. One example of price on this website is a Husqvarna Complete Graphics Kit for $119.95 then there is a Fender Sticker Kit for all these types of brands Cannondale, Gas Gas, Honda, Husqvarna, KTM, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha.

Prices do seem reasonable for the quality on offer, and you can email the store with your own specifications, & questions should you need to.

Motocross and supercross items

What else? Well currently has a set of design motocross hub decal kits from $24.99 and 4 number plate decals from $14.99, in 4" x 4" sizes. The website was easy to navigate and worth a drop by.

motocross gear bags

Next up was These truly are a bespoke decal manufacturer, and they use specially designed ultra curve laminates (ideal for dirt bikes).

FUSION MX have a team of designers, so if you can be as specific as you can or even draw your design for submission; your half way there. As each job has its own costs we could not see any definite prices, so you will need to check this on a customer by customer basis. They have a gallery too, of previous work to check out their skills before you buy.

Decals are great not just for MX bikes but for helmets, motocross gear bags, and to identify yourself on the circuit.

Then there was, this site offers pre-deigned kits to design motocross decals. Such as the RMZ 07 Factory Kit which includes the graphics, trim kit, backgrounds and seat cover for £99.95 inc. vat – but do check shipping costs. Other kits were priced very much around the same figures, but such stickers are ideal for those that just need to spruce up an old dirt motor bike - (Yamaha, Honda etc.) for instance.

Kawasakii Design Dirt Bike

Finally what about a designed motocross bike? We found one at, it was a Kawasakii Design Dirt Bike, which certainly looked the part on the track.

Features include a 125cc engine, high performing upside down front shock absorber, heavy duty rims and chain. Heavy duty swing arm and a 32mm big alloy exhaust completes the ride. We could not see a price sadly, but the company’s website was listed below and they will undoubtably supply you all the relevant details once you make contact with them.

So if you’re competing in a dirt bike championship or just messing about with an old dirt bikes Suzuki ride, buying dirt bikes and decals designed to your own ideas has never been easier. Keep a close eye on cost to be sure it doesn’t spiral and keep you off the track.

A design motocross thought.

Information is critical, whether its cool unique bargains or better safety information you will benefit from. Ending up in a crash motocross video on youtube isn’t something you need. So keep clued up and ride professionally at all times, on a stock MX bike or a specially design motocross ride.

crash motocross


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