Dirt Bike Tires

Dirt bike tires are much more to a bike than a sporty look. Granted it is important to have good looking tires on your bike, but it is more important to have performance tires.

Tires are a critical essential

motocross pitbike tyres for sale

There is a variety of dirt bike tires and depending on the terrain that you ride and type of bike will determine the type of tire that you can choose from.

When choosing the type and style of tire there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. Remember safety and performance is your number one goals when handling your finely tuned machine!

One of the most important issues when choosing dirt bike tires is the fit of the tire and bike. The improper size can cause instability leading to an accident. Consult the owner’s manual to be certain before altering the standard tires of the bike. If you do not have the owner’s manual a dealer can assist you with choosing a new tire for your dirt bike.

Dirt Bike Tires

Be Safe

Make sure to replace your dirtbike tires when they are showing wear. These precision tires are built to grip into the mud or dirt for the optimal ride. If the tires are worn or in poor condition the ride will certainly suffer. The tires allow for a better ride, ability to perform tricks and the general performance of your bike. Another thing to consider is if you run your bike on asphalt the tires will wear much quicker. Dirt bike tires are built for off road and do not perform as well on the asphalt surface.

If racing is your love keep in mind that you may want to choose a dirt bike tire with no tread. These tires are known as slicks and are made especially for speed and precision. They have no tread pattern and are generally only used for the racing arena.

Tyres in Dirtbike classifieds

Getting that rubber down man.

In your dirtbike riding, tires are important. You can pick good ones up in dirtbike classifieds ads, and other dirtbike racing forums and fan-clubs may help you in your search. Dirtbikes parts stores often have sales on tires so keep on their mailing list to snap these deals up when they appear.

dirtbikes parts

Where are some good places to buy dirtbike tyres? A quality dirtbike tyre can be purchased from a number of motocross tire specialists.

Brands to look out for are bridgestone motocross tires, cheng shin motocross tires, maxxis motocross tires, kenda motocross tires, michelin motocross tires and the dunlop motocross tire. These are the most common makes of motocross tyre your likely to come across.

Also there are patterned camo dirtbike tires and other colored dirtbike tyres to match the graphics on your dirt bike. Some stores local to you might offer a dirtbike tirechange service or cheap dirtbike tires in a sale.

dirtbike motocross mx tyre

But today we will look at the net for some amazing motocross tyre stores and what you can expect to pay.

Our initial dirt bike tires internet store is tyresonline.net, they sell complete pit bikes as well, ie: a Hymoto 110cc Pit Bike was being sold at £799.00.

But the store is vast and you should be able to contact them with your make, model and most importantly year of dirt bike, and they can tell you if your tire is in stock.

Another great tire store is pitbikeparts.co.uk. Buys include a 12'' Front & Rear set that fits the Xsport & Thumpster bikes for £45.00. Or another cheap dirtbike tire is a set of Kenda Mx Tyres. 14" Front 12" rear, with Free Tubes! At £57.00. If you want to spend a little more then a 15mm Sdg 12" & 14" Wheels with Kenda Mx Tyres selling for £101.00, should see you look the biz on the track.

Dirtbike racing tires

More dirtbike tires here - Funbikes.co.uk had a good deal on as well, what about these Dirt bike Tyres; Front 12 inch and rear 12 inch - an IRC Moto Cross set for only £47.96 (do check shipping costs). Maybe not for the seasoned professional, but for most of us it’s certainly nicely priced. Ebay too; served up a dirt bike tyre + tube at a bargain basement price of £27.00.

dirtbike racing

Our final pitstop was at cokermoto.com. They always seem to have offers and sales for all kinds of things, but we spotted a Ten Inch Inner tube for £7.99 and a 12 Inch inner tube at £7.99 as well. Great purchases to keep in your spares bin.

Branded named rubber such as the michelin motocross tire or irc motocross tires are always excellent quality, if you can buy them cheap of course. A front or rear dirtbike tire should be the same grade too. If you check out youtube, there are vids on installing motocross tires, should you want to do this yourself. No more motocross tiresflat track days, get on your bike with aggressive tyres ready for the dirt trails.

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