Dirt biking - What to know?

Motocross information and things to find out about.

Dirt biking is a popular pursuit. The range of pit bike accessories and bikes available from online stores is quite astounding. So many pit bike parts are available too, but you do need to be sure they'll fit your model and year of bike.

dirt biking

I expect you like watching the motocross champions, in a motocross competition and wonder where to begin in this exciting world of motocross action? Well you can begin with a motocross forum to pick up advice, or drop a few questions off on motocross clothing, what should you buy? And what you should avoid.

Motocross safety and good motocross riding tips is possibly the most important thing to find out about. That includes motocross gear, and especially what kind of helmet you should buy.

If your really just an armchair dirt biker that’s ok, what about free dirtbike games? There are many flash online dirtbike games – you don’t even have to download. Some cool dirtbike games help test your skill and co-ordination and might encourage you to get dirtbike riding for real.

Motocross information is crucial, so you should get a dirtbike magazine which has all the latest motocross news and motocross riding gear reviews including MX & pitbikes and their performance. You’ll even see a number of clear freestyle motocross pictures and they answer motocross gear questions you might have. Online is ideal for information on motocross and up to date news on motocross events. Here are a few places to go; on the web.

Pit bike things & how to ride.

Our select website collection.

Dirtbikersden.com is an easy to navigate store. They have all kinds of motocross apparel from dirt bike and freestyle DVDs, anti fog goggles and DOT Certified motocross helmets. Examples of prices – Eyeride, overglasses for your pitbike - $29.95, or a Carpe Diem 4 (DVD) for only $30.95. The site has front number plates, riding gloves, books and a heck of a lot more, and branded motocross logos everywhere.

pit bike parts

If you require dirt bike info, dirtbikemagazine.com should be looked at. They give out tests and reviews, race reports, galleries and news. Of course there is a page to subscribe and a store.

One of the more popular online pitbike games is from stuntdirtbike.com. A free flash game where you use your keyboard keys to get yourself over the many jumps and dips on the course layout & motocross levels.

Now if you’re really getting interested in dirtbike fun, visit dirtbikeschool.com. They are a motocross school that offer MSF certified DBS coaches to get you to ride properly. If you do buy a street legal mx bike, you will require instruction. It saves you picking up bad habits. Motocross schools in your area can be found, using their locator page. Certainly a website not to be missed.

Lastly is minidirtbikers.com. These guys specialize in mini dirt bikes for kids and adults. Such topics include the history behind mini atv rides, street legal issues and guidelines for buying mini bikes. The site is jammed packed with info, and provides straight talk for novices. A great site for mini motocross.

Of course we have only covered a few websites; there are many more in regards to finding out the best motocross boots, motocross knee brace reviews and where to buy a cool max dirtbike.

Do be sure you know what you want; is it a 49cc dirtbike for some weekend fun or are you wanting a 1989 yamaha 400 4stroke dirtbikes moto - for your collection? - there are sites out there to cater for your every need!

If you’re a dirtbike rider; motocross practice combined with a cool head for safety will see you do well in dirtbike riding.

Shopping for a 125cc pit bike ?

Shops usually give out free advice when they can and you can order online anything from a 125cc pit bike to a dirtbike helmet. Check out the catalogues and seek out information before you purchase.

125cc pit bike


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