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Dirt biker fun - On offroad motorbikes.

Dirt riders need many skills to take them around the track. Your own skills will develop like other dirt bike riders over time, but you need time to hone your riding on the difficult jumps and off road courses. The right bike selection too plays its own part. For instance if a dirt bike rider selects a bike that is far too powerful for them, they will inevitably fail in their rides. Good dirt riders get the combination right.

dirt riders

When your on the net, you can be spending hours finding answers to your motorcycle motocross questions and dirt riders are out there to answer them. Perhaps you’re seeking motocross riding techniques or free motocross games to play online. You might be finding out which state offers the best trails is it texas motocross or kansas motocross tracks. So many dirt riders opinions.

We have compiled a few websites for such a motocross occasion. Do remember that motocross bikes forums often have many opinions and it’s up to you to make a balanced decision on these views. However, once you sign up they can be a free source of motocross links and motocross photos not to mention advice like how to build a motocross track etc etc..

Our first site isn’t a forum its dirtrider.com. Great for a balanced opinion and offers a subscribe option, features and news, including riding tips and gear reviews...plus a community page. It’s certainly a vibrant site full of content. You should find tips about riding dirtbikes, supercross motocross and motocross accessories. This is a cool online motocross magazine.

Motocross websites that matter.

Dirtbikers.co.uk was next. This was a basic 1 page site, but it did offer the latest ebay dirtbikes for sale. It’s a pity they didn’t offer more, but worth a quick look if you’re wanting to buy a used dirt bike.

motocross race - a dirtbike riders competition.

Dirtbikesales.com.au is ideal if you live in austrialia. It’s more for selling your australian dirt bike or pit bike.

Features on the site included free membership, add up to 10 pictures of your ride, edit your advert and free ad' placement – what more could you want! Now find brilliant kawasaki dirt bikes and ktm dirt bikes bargains over your aus keyboard.

This link http://forums.dirtrider.com/index.html should take you to a busy dirt bike rides forum. Well laid out and easy to view, the sections were broken down into manageable categories. General Discussion, Where to Ride, Newbies, and Off Topic. You can drill down further for specific dirtbikes ie:- Honda Dirt Bikes and Husqvarna Dirt Bikes forum pages. You can also see latest posts with questions such as what is motocross? And best places to ride dirt bikes? So do visit these pages should you have time.

dirt biker motocross racing on a track

Dirtrider.net is another easy to navigate homepage. Listed pages included How to Register, MotoSpeak, FAQ, Gallery’s, Search the website, Forums and Active Topics.

Discussions seemed to be centered on branded bikes and motocross closeout gear when we were there, but this will vary over the coming months.

Motocrossworld.com has a very vibrant forum. With layout similar to dirtrider - General Discussion, Motor Forum, Suspension Forum and a vintage motocross forum. A number of moderators handle all the posts and this is a great place for asking questions about dirtbike jumps and motocross boot bargains.

Here is a few more forum website to check out too – videoforums.co.uk - it offers forums, news, guides, downloads, faq, and links. Or xrv.org.uk which have pages about eBay, Tech Data, a Picture Gallery, Forums, Links and a Shop. And finally dirtbikeworld.net, which has a search facility, New Posts, Today's Posts , FAQ, Members List, and a place to register of course.

We discovered more places than we thought possible to discuss a mini dirtbike or the latest motocross game. This is by no means an exhaustive list and this is growing all the time. Don’t forget too a simple dirtbike rider magazine subscription for detailed advice on the sport; coming to your door every month.

Dirt riders do it better.

Confidence needs time to build and this can only be done by practice on smaller cc bikes, then upgrading later on. Becoming a good dirt rider isn’t an overnight pursuit. Once you have mastered the basics and learnt safety issues on your ride, the world of dirt biking can be eventful and very exciting.

dirt bike rider


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