Dirtbike carb - MX carburetor

Motocross Carb's and cost.

Buying a dirtbike carb or carburettor, should be a fairly straight forward task.

dirt bike carb motocross bike carbs

First check out the manufacturer’s websites or stores, and if you find these spares too expensive it’s a good idea to check out independent dealers.

Local stores are ideal, as are independents on the web. When buying a new carb, its an absolute must to have the correct make and model of the bike and make it clear to the store what you want.

Have the model number handy or any other helpful info that will help you get the right part, first time. Remember if its incorrect, you will only have to return it, leading to more time that your dirt bike is off the track.

dirtbike carb

A dirtbike carb or more prominently known as a dirtbike carburetor is such an important item to get right. A number of offroad dirtbikes use aftermarket dirtbikes parts from an online dirtbike store. The value they offer can be tremendous; whether it’s for an mx dirtbike or an old used dirtbike you’re bringing back to life.

We take a look at a few of the best dirtbike classifieds in finding the right dirtbike products for your racing dirtbikes.

Ebay was an obvious choice and we started here – we soon found a 125cc Carburetor Air Filter Set for $21.99. This was a brand new OEM replacement part, and for this price, there is no need to buy a used dirtbike carburator.

What about finding good mini dirtbike spares? While still on ebay, there was a mini moto pitbike carb for £9.99, in the uk. The carb was made for most models of 49 – 47 cc rides. Then before we went, a MIKUNI 29mm CARBURETOR KIT for a Thumpstar Pitbike, caught our eye as it was only priced at £34.99 (and should fit most bikes).

All items should be checked with the vendor they will definitely fit your own dirt bike of course.

Places to buy motocross carburetors

Carb stores on the net.

Selecting parts for your 49cc mustang dirtbike takes care. If you have a branded bike like a kawasaki dirtbike or a Yamaha, you should be well catered for. But vintage dirtbike parts will take a lot of tracking down from specialized stores or even ebay. So be aware of this when buying your dream bike.

Now you should look at http://www.pitbikeclub.co.uk/showthread.php?t=2788

vintage dirtbike parts

As this "page-link" has a link to a Mukini carb tuning manual ready for downloading. It’s a 1mb pdf file, and appeared to be free, but if it is – it’s a welcome free addition to any riders back catalogue. If you need to get the most out of your dirt bike carb, then this should be for you.

dirt bike carburetor motocross carburettor

What else? Well motobikespares.com are really specialists in Chinese dirt bikes, especially mini dirtbike performance parts.

On offer was a Mikuni 29mm dirtbike carb for £34.99, a Mikuni 26mm carb for £19.56 and a 39cc watercooled engine, which comes with a japanese spec'd dirtbike carb for extra reliabity and performance, included with a clutch bell and air filter, pull start etc. all for £83.18.

All prices seemed very competitive and we found the website easy to navigate. Payment was easy through Paypal, Nochex or google checkout and they have a 24 Hour Dispatch service.

A place any rider might require is “thumpertalk.com/forum”; where you can ask questions about a carberatauer for a yamaha dirtbike or "who are the best dirtbike manufacturers?" and more besides.

Then we popped over to another store we had been to a number of times before "pitbikeparts.co.uk". Who had on sale a Mikuni 26mm Carb for dirt bikes, priced at £24.00, and a Mikuni 26mm dirtbike Carb Package. Inc Filter, Manifold & Gaskets for £35.00. Prices and ease of use on this site is always popular with us and other pitbikers too.

Carb parts & cleaning tips.

For more dirtbike partrs online we sought out hondaminitrail.com, and looked in their “aftermarket” pages. Treasures such as an air filter for the classic honda USA (foam filter)26mm carb kit offered at $22.00, a Kitaco, Throttle assy, with grips and cable. ( Which fits 20 - 22mm Keihin carbs) at only $28.50.

kawasaki dirtbike

And finally even a replacement rubber mount for your 24mm carb kit at $25.00.

The site has many smaller items and parts, that may prove hard to find. So although it might prove time consuming, this website should be on your shortlist of sportbike parts & dirtbike stores.

For mini moto fans, faster-minis.com have a foam air filter - Stock Carbs for $16.13. “Simply apply foam filter oil, install and go! TBR foam air filter for use with the stock carburetor. Also doubles as a crankcase breather.” And a cheap price to-boot !

Before we went home mxdeals.com had a BBR XR50 Big Carb Kit on sale at $189.95, (knocking 10 dollars off list price). It’s a BBR 18mm carb kit w/cables which gives extra HP to applicable pit bikes. You should not have any issues finding excellent motocross carbs for your ride, if you look at these websites we visited.

How to Clean a 4 Stroke Carb Part 1


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