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It could be considered that dirtbike mainia has taken hold in many states in the USA and even in countries abroad. The dirt bike fans are certainly passionate about their sport, and enjoy motocross and supercross in all its forms. That includes the free computer games we all enjoy (more below).

dirtbike mainia

Do you enjoy a dirt bike flash game ?

Dirtbike Mania and Free Dirt Bike Games Online

Fans of dirt bikes and motocross, and fans of fun video games, are both delighted at the number of excellent dirt bike games available online, including the famous Dirtbike mainia.

Dirtbike mainia was one of the first free online games in the genre that really took things up to another level. That means that the graphics and gameplay, and the total look, feel and enjoyment that you have are all high quality.

mx Dirtbike Mania games

The craze really got started with the Dirtbike mainia game. There, you use your keyboard to control your rider and bike through a series of courses and obstacles, with the goal of completing all of the stages without crashing and to do it in as little time as possible. It's fun and for many people it's surprisingly addictive.

The great thing is that you can be a fan of motocross and the sport without being a big video game nut, and still love this game. Conversely, you can love playing video games without knowing the first thing about motocross in the real world, and you'll have a great time playing the game too.

So it appeals to everyone, and best of all, it can be played online for free. Everyone loves a good free online game, and whether you're looking to get into it and conquer it, compete against a friend or just kill some time, it's a great choice.

So many dirtbike games

Free motocross games and other motocross games to play.

Lets play motocross games online

db 806 dirtbike

Dirtbike mainia then spawned a whole series of offshoots and sequels, including ones made by the same folks as the original, and different games from different people as well.

So, you have Bike Mania 2, Bike Mania on Ice, Stunt Dirt Bike and Stunt Dirt Bike 2, Max Dirt Bike and Max Dirt Bike 2, Bike Champ and Bike Champ 2, Stunt Mania and Stunt Mania 2, Bike Mania 4, Bike Mania 5, Bike Mania Arena and on down the line. There are literally dozens of different options out there for you to play around with.

Of course, there are many video games out there besides the free ones online such as Dirtbike Mania. If you're looking to take things to the highest levels of gaming, you'll find some first class, amazing games available on the Xbox360, Playstation 3, Wii and your home computer. There are a number of great options, including the whole MX vs. ATV series, Pure, Yamaha Supercross, MX Unleashed, Motocross Mania 3 and on down the line from there.

bike mania 2 bike mania 4

While you have to pay for these games of course, it's a whole different experience, with phenomenal game play, realistic handling, jaw dropping graphics and visuals, and more.

So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and get started playing some fantastic dirt bike video games online. Dirtbike mainia sparked the craze, but now there are an unlimited array of free games to choose from. For the ultimate gaming experience, look into one of the new releases for the top end systems and you'll experience amazing graphics and unbeatable excitement.

Actual world dirt bike riding.

Now you’ve immersed yourself in the virtual world what about the actual world?

The innovation within dirtbike manufacturers and tracks have led to new and exciting races and freestyle events too. With colourful graphics and on-the-limit riders, this sport is exciting and fun to watch even for a novice. The mania from many fans comes from online games & supporting their favourite rider and as the thrills and spills come thick and fast, no race or event is ever cut and dried.

WANT more - try riding yourself - YOU can visit local dirtbike shops for spares and gear. You may even pick up a db 806 dirtbike or other specific models of bikes. You may want to go for a smaller mini dirtbike, but you should always have lessons to get used to whatever bike you do purchase. A Dirtbike school in nj is a popular choice, but there are many schools local to you that will iron out any areas that need improvement.

dirtbike school nj


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