Dirtbike wheelies

Wheelie good - A neat trick!

Performing dirtbike wheelies is a great trick to do when you’re a proficient rider.

motocross dirtbike wheelie on a motorbike

A wheelie of course gets a crowd of fans to cheer you on, but be sure of your skills before attempting such a thing.

Have a look on youtube for videos of dirt bikers doing wheelies, there are tons about, and fan-sites have numerous pictures of skilled bikers enjoying this stunt.

Before even considering to wheelie a bike must be in excellent mechanical condition, and you must wear all the regulation dirt bike clothing including a helmet of course.

If your not sure, then don’t attempt it, wheelies are great to watch, but don’t injure yourself or damage your bike needlessly.

Time to play dirt bike games and tricks.

Completing Dirtbike Wheelies

Anybody who has ridden a dirtbike for a fair amount of time has wanted to learn about completing dirtbike wheelies. It's not the most advanced trick, but it's still impressive, and in many ways, it's a rite of passage for someone with a bike.

dirtbike wheelies

You don't want to be the only guy out there who can't man up and complete a wheelie, and you don't want to fall on your face or be afraid to give it a try when it's your turn. Use this basic guide to learn more about the process and see how you can get started.

At its core, completing dirtbike wheelies is actually a pretty simple process. Now, learning about it and then successfully completing it are two different things. After you learn the basic approach, it's all about fine-tuning what you know and actually practicing it.

You'll find that small adjustments in your timing, in your body positioning and how you place your bodyweight, how much throttle you use and more will lead to big changes in your performance.

The most basic approach for completing dirtbike wheelies is this. You give your bike some throttle and get moving, although not too fast. On most bikes, first or second gear is where you want to be. Begin pulling up on the handle bars, and as you do so, begin shifting your weight towards the back of the bike.

As you do this, you want to continue giving your bike gas. Many people make the mistake of pulling back and forgetting about the throttle entirely, but that's incorrect. Giving gas as you pull back is actually what pulls you back farther, and keeps you pulled back for extended wheelies covering a lot of distance.

The whole "trick" to mastering completing dirt bike wheelies is going to be that balancing act between your pull back, and your body weight, and the amount of throttle that you use.

Dirt bike stunts on 1 wheel

Yep here it comes -- dirt bike safety tips.

Of course, there are some general tips or rules of thumb that you should consider when learning about completing dirtbike wheelies.

stunt dirt bike

First, especially when you're trying this maneuver for the first few times, you should consider doing so on a grass covered surface.

Make sure you have some room to work with, and find a solid, flat and dry area. The inevitable mistakes will be much easier for your body to handle this way than they would be on asphalt or another hard surface.

Also, try to avoid doing this during windy days, as you'll get blown about. When you complete a wheelie, your balance is on a very thin line so to speak, and the wind will throw you off for sure. Other bad weather conditions will also make matters difficult, and wet surfaces, rain and the like should always be avoided.

With the above information you should be able to get out there and try to see if you will succeed in completing dirtbike wheelies on your ride. Remember, it's going to take some practice, and you're going to fall on your butt a few times.

Finally, always remember that every bike is different, and the amount of throttle, adjustment and speed, and even your approach style, will vary as a result.

Dirt bike riding areas

Mini dirt bike racing has become very popular in recent years. Most owners enjoy dirt bike stunts (inc. wheelies) on these mini-motos, and any new stunt dirt bike rider, will end up on a free video website sooner or later. But if your performing stunts, wheelies or tricks, please stay inside designated dirt bike riding areas as you might get into trouble with the police.

dirt bike riding areas


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