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Finding dirtbikes for kids shouldn’t be a massive task full of problems if you follow a few golden rules. Condition is paramount if buying used, and you can check out ebay or other classified, and seek out those ads with lots of info in the advert.

If its been a looked after bike, check out regular oil changes, receipts for parts and lots of paper work is good to see. Many stores cater for kids bikes now, and have full warrantees too. Also don’t buy a bike to powerful or big for you kid, as this will lead to a crash or an accident. Many models are available and once you have completed your research on what to buy, your selection should become obvious.

dirtbikes for kids

Kids motocross is an expanding market. As are dirtbikes for kids and kids motocross clothing and accessories. This doesn’t necessarily mean that childrens motocross clothing and kid motocross gear is cheap, some of it can be fairly expensive.

So check out classifieds for kid dirtbikes for sale and youth motocross clothing, sometimes you will get a " dirtbike kid " who has lost interest and is selling off all their kids motocross gear. You’d be surprised; what you can pickup in motocross classified ad’s.

We take a brief look at what’s out there on the world wide web in regards to childrens dirtbikes, used dirtbikes for kids and youth motocross gear. Our first dirt bike motocross website was funkybikes.co.uk. They have a kids pit bike section; but they have for sale full sized dirt bikes and quads for adults as well.

The sections covered on the site were, Kids Pit Bikes - 125cc, 50cc, helmets and gloves; kids quad bikes and monkey bikes. We took a closer look at the 110cc pit bike, which is their newest model. Going for £299.00 + shipping, with an 110cc 4 stroke engine, and looking quite impressive – its one of the cheapest new kids dirtbikes for sale we have come across.

The Yamaha kid dirt bike

Motocross bikes for children.

Our next site search for dirtbikes for kids was b2bfreezone.com, where you can do a product search for “motocross kids bikes”. This turned up a couple of dirtbike kids rides. An EPA Dirt Bike (TPGS-136), with a 4 stoke engine; and a 150kg Fuel tank. Comes in a variety of specifications such as 50cc, 110cc, 125cc and 150cc. Then a Mini Bikes ride( Model number RA-DB49-3); this had a 47cc, 2-stroke, single-cylinder, air- cooled engine with a maximum speed of 45km/h. There were no prices on the main ad pages, but we are sure if you drill down further they should be available.

bike dirt honda kid

The dirtbikes for kids website that’s sometimes a favourite of bargain hunters is mxchange.co.uk. Which have a kid motocross section. Two examples to give you an idea of what mxchange can deliver are a 2007 Yamaha YZ 85 priced at £1,250. This childrens dirtbike had rarely been used, and was in almost perfect condition. The seller was also throwing in a number of spares and motocross accessory bits as well. Also catching our eye was a 2003 Honda CR 80 for £900.

Again very little use, and had been ridden at weekends on a local field. All original graphics and no dents, so why buy a rotten bike and spend hundreds doing it up – when bikes like this are for sale. Your kid; might well get his minimoto motocross ride from a classifieds site such as this and you might even be able to place a kids dirtbikes wanted ad too, if you really want a certain make and model.

Then it was the turn of motocrossmotorbikes.com for our "dirtbikes for kids" purchases. They have a whole range of motocross boots (for kids). They had an easy to navigate page with good motocross pictures of the boots. For example prices; try a pair of Fox Motocross boots for £94.99, (though sizes were limited); and some Shift Off-road combat boots at £69.99. Many MX boots offered seemed to have a good percentage of savings.

Also when looking at dirtbikes for kids; another of our favourites is dirtbikebitz.com; that have a youth section. Where you should be able to buy anything from childrens motocross gear to youth motocross helmets. Some examples I here you cry? A pair of non-branded Youth Motocross Boots at £8.49, Youth Motocross Helmets from £59.99 and a pair of Youth Motocross Goggles from £18.58. If you want some MX pyjama’s you’ll have to ask the store, as they had sold out when we got there!

A surprise find was colinappleyard.com. Who had a number of motocross play bikes. (Although they are far from being toys). The online catalogue offered the KTM 50SX 09' priced at £2295 all the way upto a KTM85 SX SW 08' for £2799.

Last up we stopped at ridemx.co.uk. Who do offer casual motocross clothing for kids. Not really for the track but items such as hoodies, caps and t-shirts. Even a Thor Lunchbox for £15.65.

With there being so many benefits to youth motocross, (ie: the social aspects and physical fitness), if your child is interested in this sport – encourage them! But safety first, so get down to the local store for a “new” youth motocross helmet, and perhaps enroll them in a motocross youth school? Money spent on safety is never wasted.

Why a 50cc kid dirt bike ?

The kids mini dirt bike is great fun for anyone’s sons or daughters. Check the mini dirt bike sales have what you need however. You may require a specific brand such as a Yamaha kids dirt bike or a Honda dirt bike moto. Both are fine provided they are in great condition (if buying used). A general “non-branded” 50cc kids dirt bike might be ideal to start with too (and cheap) - and if your kids love the sport they can upgrade later, so take a look around for dirtbikes for kids using our picks above.

50cc kid dirt bike


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