Dirtbikes from china

China pitbike bargains

With such a lot of dirtbikes from china, it’s hard to know what to choose.

the china dirtbike pitbike on sale

Quality can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, so it’s best to get some great feedback on the model you want. Chinese bikes offer great value as their cost compared to bigger well known brands can be quite significant.

Take your time in your choice and be picky as you will find some superb cost savings, but if you buy a poor quality bike it could be very expensive if it keeps breaking down often. Quality is always improving, and we can see this market for Chinese imports being a strong contender for rider’s affections in the future, certainly as far as competitive prices go.

dirtbikes from china

The dirtbikes from china open up a big debate about quality. It’s true some china dirtbikes do seem to fall apart before your very eyes, while others pick up a chinese dirtbike very cheaply and ride them for a number of years.

Pit-bike-heaven.com offers some advice in this area, and basically what you pay for is what you get.

Certain junior motocross models are obviously better made, than others. £600 should get you a good mini motocross bike from china, and if you want a better motocross sports bike then monstermoto.co.uk should be able to help.

Some new motocross pitbikes are around the £1000 mark, so for all stuff motocross, the more you pay, the better you get - in terms of quality.

Another site you might be interested in is jinmavehicle.com. They export the china dirtbike, and have been doing so for a number of years. They have a number of models with the more formal name of Pit bike CRF70 to the more exotic, Pit bike Pitster pro X4R and the Pit bike Kingkong! But we couldn’t see any prices! The motocross pictures looked great and so did the MX bike rides. A few pages told the story about the rise of Chinese sport motocross bikes and MX parts items over the last few years. So do drop by this motocross website and go browse their dirtbikes from china.

Ebay is a bit of a conundrum for us, as we always struggle to find Chinese pit bikes listed but for motocross spares we are fine. Like a brand new monkey bike clutch cable for £11.95, a new dirt bike front disc brake assembly for £25.00. And finally a new ignition coil for £11.95.

The China dirt bike

Motocross bikes from the orient.

However if you are looking for mini dirtbikes parts and track motocross spares, the website motobikespares.com will be just what the doctor ordered.

a selection of chinese pitbikes or motocross bikes from china

They specialise in Chinese accessory aftermarket parts for your used chinese pitbikes. Some deals on offer when we dropped by were, a Mikuni 26mm carb for £19.56, a 39cc water-cooled engine, on sale at £83.18, and a BBR style performance exhaust for only £28.38. If you have a 125 dirtbike or a 250cc dirtbike, this store should have some motocross tracks spares for you. Maybe you want to give some motocross tires as a present for a dirt bike occasion? - well you'll find it easy to do so shopping here.

dirt bike performance parts

Magazines with motocross racing articles are great for reading up on Chinese dirt bikes. The thumpstar and xsport models are made there, so quality pitbikes are coming out of china. But some stores may import some bad bikes to keep costs down. So do be aware of this, if a new chinese dirt bike looks very cheap. To answer motocross questions like this, you can visit forums for real motocross maniacs opinions, but as you know opinions vary.

Your local motocross track may advise you as well in regards to dirtbikes from china, as a cheap poorly made bike is not built for freestyle motocross tricks but for simple grass rides off-road, or maybe as a motocross ride on toy.

Whatever Chinese moto you buy, do get the best motocross protective gear you can, as most good motocross mx clothing - helmets - body armor etc. will protect you, should something go wrong with your dirt bike. Which is another reason to ignore the very cheap dirtbikes from china.

Fast dirt bikes - Chinese style.

As well as just buying dirtbikes from china, amateur china pit bike racing is being followed by a number of mx sports-fans. But it boils down to the china dirt bike being purchased by riders mainly due to its cheapness and value. Dirt bike (aftermarket) performance parts - should be easily available too – should you need that little bit extra ooommphh!

The chinese pit bikes are STILL fast dirt bikes, on both local tracks and purpose built circuits – so never underestimate them or treat them ALL as toys (as they're not), and you’ll do ok.

fast dirt bikes


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