Discount dirt bike tires

MotoX Tires for you, and your wallet.

Discount dirt bike tires are really what many riders want.

Discount dirtbike tires and motocross tyres

So many dirt bikers can go through tires at an alarming rate, especially if you’re a pro racer, or involved on the biking circuit every weekend. Most stores will have sales on, and your best looking at a number of them to compare prices.

You could buy from ebay or other classifieds, but these are ok, for one-off buys but no good if you need a permanent supply. Web stores are best as they have fewer overheads and can pass these savings onto you the customer.

Finding what You need with Discount Dirt Bike Tires.

As with many items, is a great spot to start searching for discount dirt bike tires. Kenda has several sizes, including the K771 Millville rear 2.75-10 dirt bike motorcycle tire, always ready to tackle loose dirt or loam on a hard base. Bridgestone and Dunlop are other quality brands.

You will often find reviews on Amazon to provide tips about the quality, backup by the manufacture and so on. Amazon welcomes feedback and if you have a great or terrible experience, add your own review to help others looking for good prices on quality dirt bike tires.

AMS Sand Snake MX tire dirtbike tyre

Shopping online gives you the luxury of browsing through hundreds of websites, including JC Motors. There you will find several styles of discount dirt bike tires like the AMS Sand Snake MX front tire and the Sand Snake MX rear paddle tire. Some places offer AMA members a discount.

Others emphasize discount as a good word, while cheap often indicates trouble. The first thing to do is get the right kind of tires, since they are the first line of offense and defense with traction, braking, acceleration and bike handling. Fortunately, most MX tires have terrain labels.

Paddle tires, designed exclusively for riding in the sand, scoop sand out of your path. Hard terrain tires give extra grip on hard surfaces with close tread blocks and an outside soft rubber compound, while soft conditions including mud, loam and sand need a hard rubber compound.

The tread blocks are higher with a shape resembling paddles. Wider spaces between the treads throw the mud from the tire instead of letting it build up. When a tire needs to be replaced, buy both front and back since they tend to wear equally. You will be glad you know about discount dirt bike tires.

Buy Quality.

Be explicit in buying, and ensure the store knows exactly the make and model of your bike, as this could cause delays to get the right tire and you back on the track again.

A motocross superstore and online motocross shops will be selling many cheap US motocross tires. Quality does count however, as you don’t want to be sitting at the motocross starting gate wondering if your tires will make it through the motocross race!

discount dirt bike tires

Tires play an integral role in motocross riding and racing. Branded names are the best like Bridgestone, Kenda and Dunlop motocross tires. The MX tyre world is vast (so be choosy), and you must have good tyres that won’t break under jumping that motocross ramp or dirt bike track in the back and beyond.

A motocross magazine subscription may help, as they often carry reviews of race & stunt tires; for use on freestyle motocross ramps and other tires that are excellent on MX dirt tracks.

We went online for not only discount dirt bike tires, but to see what value we could find in relation to tires for motocross jumps and maybe a championship motocross race – who knows!

Ebay is where we kicked off, and using the many stores within ebay, up popped a number of tires with pictures. Would you like a Tire & Inner Tube for £13.60, or a 10" Front Wheel MX Tire at £20.80? We also found a 10" Rear Wheel Rim priced to sell at £23.67; which isn’t bad – plus its not hurting our wallet that much. They are only a small example of the discount dirt bike tires available for motocross ramps and muddy trails.

Michelin dirt bike tires & more

Getting motocross tyres that are better value., had a cool sale on Michelin dirt Bike Tires for only £29.00. They have chunky grips and are sold as top quality tyres – certainly Michelin is a brand to be reckoned with. was selling a number of discount dirt bike tires such as a Kings Tire KT-9666 Dirt Bike Tyre at a sale price of $21.55, which is 10% off RRP. Nice grip with a 12” rim, it’s ideal for the loose tracks and trails.

cheap dirt bike tire must have had a sale on discount dirt bike tires too. Within their pages was a Pit Bike Inner Tube (10 Inch) for £9.78 (inc. VAT & Delivery) and a Pit Bike Front Tyre - (12 Inch), discounted for £28.34. They even have a nice indicator to tell you how many tires are in stock.

General stores like, can be searched in ref to pit bike tyres as well - and we found 10/10 Inch dirt bike tires for £28.34 and 12/12 Inch - Supermoto tyres for £29.35. So as you can see price varies quite a bit.

With a small amount of motocross training you shouldn’t be as hard on your tires. Also it doesn’t matter if you’re on texas motocross tracks or michigan motocross circuits the track owner should advise you what tyre will be best to put on your MX motorbike.

Take a motocross tyre guide book with you too - if you need one, but you’ll see most dirt bike tyres are very similar for medium trails and tracks. The only tires you may have to pay top money for are the ones for motocross vintage bikes – if you do have a rare bike, unfortunately spares and components such as tires can be the downside of ownership.

A Dirt bike tire - cheap!

Your dirt bike tires are essential so a good reliable MX tire should always be bought. If your only a weekend rider; buy an excellent cheap dirt bike tire from ebay or discount dirt bike tires from a private advert. Branded tyres such as dunlop tires are the best, superb for pro's and frequent fast racers - as the top manufacturers always offer quality and sometimes a gurantee.

But they are top dollar. Only buy these NEW if you’re genuinely getting regular use out of them and these expensive tires are not standing in your garage for months on end. That’s just a waste of money.

dirt bike tire


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