Discount motocross boots

Discount deals - On your dirt bike footwear – here’s how.

Where to find discount motocross boots ? Most online stores have dirt bike gear sales on, and even used classifieds on auction sites have cheap dirt bike boots too. You must still check that the boots are suitable, as it doesn’t matter if the price is bargain basement if they are ill-fitting.

discount motocross boots

Discount motocross boots - Buying tips, and brands to have .

Protection of Boots Keeps You in the Race

While it doesn't fit the wild and carefree image of the motocross racer, all good racers are concerned with the safety of their gear.

Good riders understand that helmets, body armor, neck braces and boots should be top quality to keep you in the race and provide enough protection that you know you'll be safe no matter how hard you ride.

Boots are just one of the important pieces of gear. You can spend hundreds of dollars on boots or get discount motocross boots but getting a durable pair is what counts.

You put your ankles under a huge amount of stresses when you ride. You can land awkward and shatter an ankle or simply have your leg catch as you maneuver the terrain.

This can cause a fracture that keeps you off the bike for the entire season. For those not so lucky, it can cause damage that keeps you off the bike permanently.

If the accident is serious, you might still fracture your ankles or shatter the bones in your feet but the boots will still protect them and prevent even worse injury.

Whether you buy the most expensive or get discount motocross boots, you'll find they keep minor accidents from causing any damage and curb the injuries from a major accident.

cheap motocross boots dirtbike discount

Tips on Buying cheap motocross boots

Find a boot that fits well. The boots are supposed to provide protection not cripple you. Even if you love the style, consider the feel.

If they feel uncomfortable when you try them on, magnify that by 20 times and you'll get an idea how they'll feel once your feet and ankles start taking the pressure of the ride. Everyone has a different shaped foot and the greatest boot for your buddy may not be comfortable for you.

Look for comfortable interior padding at the ankle. This padding absorbs most of the shock and dings to your ankle. You'll want sturdy build so steel inner plates on the soles are important whether you're buying the best of the line or discount motocross boots.

The boots with curved plastic shin plates are similar to those on ski boots. They provide a huge amount of protection. Skiers, just like motocross riders lean forward on the boots and the hard surface pays off in more protection.

Boots 4 Motocross starting gates

Motocross racing boots

motocross starting gates

Don't forget to make sure that you have adequate protection from water entering the boot. There's nothing more miserable than feeling your feet slush in the middle of a high-speed race. It's a distraction that can throw off the race and dampen your spirits.

You can get discount motocross boots online but you need to try them on to make sure they're comfortable.

That's why most riders look at boots first at brick and mortar shops where they can test the feel.

Once you find the right boot, note the company, style and size. Then if you want to get the discount motocross boots on line, just order the boot that was most comfortable on your foot and save yourself a considerable amount.

Two good discount motocross boots are Moose and Thor. However, you can go up the ladder for the more expensive wear.

Alpinestars and Sidi have boots in several price ranges from the lower end to the deluxe. One of the top of the line boots is Gaerne Sg-12.

Arai motocross helmets

Head 2 toe

When you are in the store (Buying boots) seek out the arai motocross helmets, they are excellent quality and many dirtbikers approve of this brand. Coming in all manner of colours and graphics the choice is amazing. So if you do get an amazing priced item at a store sale get out of those motocross starting gates quickly and snap up a bargain for yourself or your family.

With a good dirt bike helmet and cheap motocross boots, you’ll be set up from top to tail.

aria motocross helmets


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