The Fox racing logo.

Fox branded, fox frantic.

A fox racing logo on anything is such a good sign that I look forward to seeing it in rallies.

fox racing logo fox racing stickers

There are a variety of fox racing stickers, as well as fox racing layouts that are too good to miss. Somehow seeing a fox racing sticker makes a person excited for the thrill that comes with watching a dirt bike race.

So, most racing enthusiasts wear fox racing hats / helmets and other fox racing gear to watch those riders that are ready to prove their worth on the bike track.

It’s almost a sign of the times when a website or a car you see across the street starts featuring the fox racing logo.

Sometimes, it’s a big deal to start buying fox racing decals and fox racing clothing ahead of time if a group intends to go on a tailgate to watch a rally. It’s not surprising at all to see fox racing myspace layouts appear online just before a big race event.

As cunning as Mr…FOX.

fox racing layouts fox racing stickers

In fact, some fox racing layouts are so cute that even people who have no interest in collecting fox racing stickers are riding on the fox racing sticker wave.

Some collector items such as classic fox racing gloves plus short-run fox racing jerseys are rare, but most of the fox racing stickers & clothing with the traditional fox racing logo are quite common.

The fox racing shox brand was successful and intuitive enough to come up with such a design for anyone to buy.

I used to think that it’s a company that promotes a certain motor brand, but the fact is that Fox Head is privately owned and conceptualizes apparel (including fox racing clothes aka fox head racing combos) and accessories for anyone in over fifty countries. The challenge is to find a good place for fox racing apparel with cool fox logos….Ok, it’s on my body I guess.

It’s the fox motocross icon.

The Fox Racing Logo – for fox racing motocross gear.

The Fox Racing logo has become one of the most famous and recognizable in the entire industry. Beyond that, moving into broader realms from just motocross or dirt bikes, the logo has become one of the more readily recognized across all kinds of clothing and action sports. That's a credit to the company and what they produce, as well as to the design of the logo itself. Today, you can find that logo anywhere, try to create it yourself, or decorate your stuff with stickers and patches.

fox mx logo patches badges for motocross

So, in case you had any confusion about what the logo actually looks like, here's a description. The Fox Racing logo is basically a very simply drawn fox head.

It's just black and white, and features easy, thick brush strokes. There is a double outline, first in black then white, and then the only other lines are the two white strokes that show the eyes and define the nose in the middle of the face.

If you are an artist, or a computer animator, producing a copy of the Fox Racing logo wouldn't be too hard. As mentioned, you just need two colors, black and white, and a thick brush stroke, with a double outline and then a few marks on the inside. It would be pretty easy to master and manipulate either freehand or with the help of a computer program, starting from scratch or just some basic shapes.

Add it to your fox gear & motocross racing stuff.

fox racing logo hat cap and jersey

Many people buy a sticker or a patch of the Fox Racing logo and use it to decorate other things. You could put it up on your bumper sticker, on your bike itself or your helmet or any other piece of gear.

You can get a patch sewn onto your jacket or onto a bag. You could put a sticker on the fridge, on the wall, or on just about any other item. It's a cool looking design so you'll appreciate having it shown off, and it will only add to your appreciation of the brand and what they actually produce.

Of course, most of the fox racing motocross clothing and other items you buy from Fox Racing will showcase their famous logo on it. They make shirts, hats, sweatshirts, pants, bathing suits, and much more too. They even make sunglasses and footwear now, and they make clothing for both men and women, while having separate lines for moto, mountain biking, BMX, surfboarding and wakeboarding and more.

Almost everyone can quickly recognize and identify the Fox Racing logo. It's very distinctive and bold, and it stands out from the crowd. It is a major part of the company's success over the past 35 years or so since they were founded, and now they are one of the biggest brands in the business.

Buy a sticker or a patch, make it on your computer, rock a t-shirt with the fox logo on it, or whatever you want. You'll be both appreciating and showing off the logo, the brand and the lifestyle, and Fox Racing has a well earned place within all of that today.

How To Draw The Fox Logo

Fox Racing Shox 2011

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